Working at Tractive has always been amazing, and now, with our new Tractive campus we’ve made it even better than it was before! 

Designed to empower our team, enhance productivity, and promote an overall well-being, the Tractive campus sets our team up for success.

Join us for an inside tour of our new Tractive campus.

Why we moved to the new Tractive campus

As we celebrated a decade of growth and innovation, it became clear that we outgrew our space. From a handful of founders in 2010 to a team of over 200 by 2023, Tractive was growing fast and we needed more room! It was sad saying good-bye, but our previous location could no longer support our growing team and needs.

We discovered the perfect spot just around the corner from our previous location, and with nearly double the size, our new home gives our growing team enough space to continue flourishing. 

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Workspaces designed for our flexible working style

What sets our new Tractive campus apart? Each space was carefully designed to cater to our flexible working style.  

“The office of the future is no longer just for silent work, but should be the hub for employees. In the new Tractive Campus, everybody can move his or her workplace to different locations if needed,” says our CEO Michael Hurnaus. 

We created a variety of spaces where our team can easily transition between computer-based work, collaborative projects, focused tasks, meetings, and building connections.

Two women coworkers sitting on a blue couch working together.

Workstation: Every team member has a personal workspace designed for more routine computer-based work, including features like height adjustable desks, ergonomic chairs, and docking station with whichever screens you’ll need. Plus, you’ll get a personal laptop with your choice of Mac or Windows operating system.

Collaboration: With our hybrid work model, requiring two in-person office days per week, we wanted to maximize these office days for collaborative projects and face to face interactions. Our collaboration spaces are designed to promote teamwork, open dialogue, and idea exchange. We made sure to include a variety of comfortable, ergonomic seating areas, whiteboards, brainstorming tools, and privacy options into our collaboration spaces.

Focus: For more focused tasks requiring concentration, we created a variety of spaces where our team could work without distractions. These areas feature high-backed seating to minimize sound and distractions, as well as private booths for complete privacy and noise reduction.

Meetings: We have a variety of meeting rooms, fitting all sizes and purposes — each named after our furry friends, of course. Collaborative technology is seamlessly integrated into all meeting spaces to support both in-person and virtual collaboration and presentations.

Community: To foster a sense of community, we’ve included community spaces, like our two Tractive cafes. These are the heart of the Tractive campus — where we come together to unwind, connect, and build relationships.

Tractive meeting room new campus

We kept sustainability in mind

We made sure to keep sustainability in mind when designing the Tractive campus. From our strategically chosen location, offering easy access to public transportation to integrating smart energy-saving features, like motion sensor lighting and a photovoltaic system, we aim to minimize our environmental impact.

And we even have a Tractive Forest, right in our backyard! By integrating it into our campus design, we were able to preserve the natural habitat of the local biodiversity and provide our team a beautiful green space to work and relax in. Our team has access to more than 16,000 m² of Tractive Forest, complete with walking paths, nature observation platform, and a fully equipped remote meeting room.

But that’s not all — discover more Eco-Friendly Sustainability Practices at Tractive.

Tractive class container meeting room surrounded by forest

How we’re supporting your well-being

We believe that a happy and healthy team are essential to our success. That’s why we we made sure to integrate a variety of features that support our team’s well-being.

 “The importance of the office is nevertheless enormously high. All employees can, of course, use the new office every day if they want to. However, for those who prefer to spend part of their time working from home, The new Tractive campus should offer more than just a desk, but opportunities for exchange with colleagues, creative work, and support for wellbeing.” says Marlene Kampelmüller, VP of HR & People

Fully Equipped Kitchen: Hungry? Whether you’re whipping up some lunch in our fully equipped kitchen or heating up a meal from our Shrankerl canteen, we’ve got you covered.

Prayer & Meditation Room: Need a moment to unwind? Our Prayer & Meditation Room is the perfect sanctuary to practice mindfulness, relax, and rejuvenate.

Showers & Laundry Facility: Got the urge to do a quick run during your break? No problem! With showers, fresh towels, and a laundry facility at your service, you can refresh and recharge anytime.

Outdoor Dog Zone: We haven’t forgotten about our furry friends! Our Outdoor Dog Zone is a special space on the Tractive campus where team members can bring their pups for some playtime and sunshine, right in our backyard.

And there’s even more! We offer our Tractive team a variety of benefits that support a healthy work-life balance, like our hybrid working model with 2 days home office per week out of a 4-day work week and an annual wellness bonus!

Our new Tractive Campus is designed to ensure that every day is a successful day for our team.

Have we sparked your interest?

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Richelle Aichberger, People Operations Manager at Tractive

This post was written by Richelle Aichberger, a dedicated member of Tractive’s HR team specializing in Employer Branding. With a background in HR, she loves connecting paw-some people with Tractive.

When she’s not busy brainstorming new ideas to attract the best talent, you can find her enjoying quality time with her family, getting her hands dirty in the garden, or unwinding over a relaxing three-day weekend!