At Tractive, we’re fostering a culture where you don’t just work — you grow! Whether you’re only starting your career or you’re bringing a wealth of experience to the Track Pack, we’ll make your growth and development our priority.

We’ve created a wide range of opportunities that empower our team to develop, learn, and reach their fullest potential.

Ready to start your journey to success? Here’s a glimpse into how we’ll help make it happen.

Learning Opportunities

Learning isn’t a one-size fits all approach, so why should your learning opportunities be? At Tractive, we’ve got you covered with a wide range of learning opportunities that will spark your curiosity and kickstart your learning journey.

Online Learning 

Ever wanted to master a new skill or take your existing skills to the next level? We’ve got you covered! We teamed up with leading online platforms like Udemy and Culture Amp to bring you endless learning possibilities.

You’ll receive unlimited access to online courses on every topic imaginable: from coding to marketing strategies and everything in between!

And the best part? You can learn at your own pace!

Lukas Lichtl, Firmware Lead at Tractive

“Udemy’s courses have been a game-changer.

They filled in skill gaps and made me more confident, ultimately resulting in better project delivery and increased productivity.”

– Lukas Lichtl, Firmware Lead at Tractive

German Courses

Living and working in Austria comes with the extra perk of immersing yourself in a new language and culture. Whether you prefer online language learning with Udemy or in-person classes, we’ll support your language journey every step of the way.

A pair of Tractive employees working together at the office

Internal Workshops 

Learning isn’t just about online modules; it’s also about engaging, hands-on experiences. Our internal workshops are where ideas flow and knowledge is shared. From product brainstorming sessions to Zephyr masterclasses, these workshops are where innovation happens.

Alexander Hufnagl, VP of Product at Tractive

“I think it’s great that they offer these workshops! This cannot be taken for granted in a company.

They’re very interactive and strengthen our team culture – I would participate again.”

– Alexander Hufnagl, VP of Product at Tractive

Feedback Culture

At Tractive, we don’t just talk about feedback culture — it’s a way of life. We believe that being open, honest, and transparent with each other fosters an environment where every team member feels empowered to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns openly.

Whether it’s a shout-out for a job well done or some friendly advice on how we can do better, we’re all about helping one another achieve success!

Three members of the Track Pack having an impromptu feedback session

Feedback Training

Effective feedback is a skill that we believe everyone should develop from day one. That’s why we integrate feedback training into our onboarding process.

From your very first days at Tractive, you’ll receive tools and guidance on how to give and receive feedback effectively. It’s an essential part of our culture and sets the tone for open, honest, and transparent communication from the start. 

Regular Feedback

Feedback is the heartbeat of growth and development. Receiving regular feedback from people that you trust will teach you the most about yourself and your performance.

That’s why we don’t just wait for performance reviews to provide feedback — whether it’s a quick chat over coffee or a feedback session, you’ll receive timely, accurate, and constructive feedback when it matters most!

Martina Hufnagl, Data Analyst at Tractive

“Since joining Tractive, I’ve always felt valued and heard.

Whether during feedback sessions or when offering suggestions for improvements, our team always discusses and considers them thoroughly.”

– Martina Hufnagl, Data Analyst at Tractive

Performance Talk

Twice a year, we sit down for a transparent performance talk. These conversations help clarify your role expectations with the overall organizational goals. It’s a time to reflect on your performance and achievements, plan for the future, and align on a path forward. 

A pair of product managers at Tractive discussing their performance reviews

360° Feedback 

Want a panoramic view of your professional growth and development? Our annual 360° Feedback process offers just that. You’ll receive insights from your peers and team lead to gain a holistic understanding of your strengths and areas for development. It’s a valuable tool for self reflection and charting your individual career aspirations.

Your Growth & Development Journey

We recognize that each team member is on a unique journey of growth and development. That’s why at Tractive, we don’t believe in predetermined career paths. You’re the owner of your growth and development and we’ll be there to provide guidance and help you achieve your goals along the way.

Defining Strengths

Understanding your strengths is the compass that guides your growth and development journey. We’ll help you discover your unique talents, strengths, and capabilities through our feedback culture. Whether you excel in problem solving, collaboration, or creative thinking, we’ll help you leverage your strengths as the foundation for your career aspirations.

Paul Himmer, Embedded Systems Engineer at Tractive

“Thanks to Tractive, I had the chance to learn about Firmware Development, even though I was initially working in Technical Support.

Now I’m a full fledged Firmware Engineer! When you’re motivated to learn – Tractive really steps up to offer you opportunities to make the most of it.

– Paul Himmer, Embedded Systems Engineer at Tractive

Career Goals

Where do you see yourself next at Tractive? Whether it’s climbing the leadership ladder, becoming a subject matter expert, or transitioning into a new role, we’ll help you put your career goals into focus.

You’ll be empowered and supported to map out actionable steps and milestones that turn your aspirations into reality.  

A pair of Data Analysts discussing their career goals at the Tractive office

The Tractive Difference

What sets us apart? It’s simple: we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we’ve put together a robust growth and development program that’s designed to empower you every step of the way.

So if you’re ready to go beyond just a job and embark on a career that’s filled with opportunities, Tractive is the place to be!

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