Pasching, July 9th, 2020  Here’s a jaw-dropping fact: The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention estimates that over 56% of cats and dogs are overweight. That’s why Tractive, a world market leader in GPS tracking and pet security that’s trusted by pet parents everywhere, is releasing a new activity monitoring feature to keep pets fit as well as safe.

Fitness buddy. Guardian angel. All in one.

Tractive, a leader in GPS tracking for cats and dogs, has announced the launch of their new activity monitoring feature today. Along with Tractive’s highly trusted GPS tracking features, this helps caring pet parents follow their furry friend’s every move, and keep their pets in top shape. “This feature is designed to give pet parents all they need to take care of their beloved pet. We are giving pet owners peace of mind, whenever and wherever they need it” – explains Michael Hurnaus, CEO of Tractive.

Get active with Tractive

The new activity monitoring feature lets pet parents follow their cat or dog’s every step, and track their activity day and night – whether they’re running about or fast asleep. With pet obesity rates reaching around 60%, this new feature offers a much-needed solution for those looking to keep their pets healthy – and makes getting on the move even more fun for both humans and pets. Find out more about activity monitoring with Tractive“Tractive has the potential to be the next Runtastic – with this new feature, we have an all-in-one product that provides enormous value to pet parents and their pets. We are very excited for the launch and the months to come” – comments Florian Gschwandter, founder of Runtastic and Tractive Chief Growth Officer on the latest news. 

Socialize, compete with others, and hit goals together

Trusted by hundreds of thousands of pet parents in over 150 countries, Tractive draws on millions of data points gathered from real-life activity – as well as the expertise of vets and pet specialists – to provide a clear picture of usual pet behavior, and breed-specific patterns. The new activity monitoring feature puts this data to good use, to support pet parents in keeping an eye on their dog or cat’s fitness levels, as well as their location. It also rewards users for hitting four-legged fitness goals and lets them compare their pet’s activity to four-legged friends worldwide.

Availability & Release

The new Activity Monitoring Feature will be available worldwide from July 9, 2020. 

About Tractive

Tractive was founded in 2012 in Pasching, Austria by a group of paw-ssionate entrepreneurs looking to create a safer environment for the millions of pets in the world. Tractive’s mission is to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging technology to ensure a healthier, longer and safer life together. Tractive specializes in the development of pet tech, wearables and apps. In addition to Tractive GPS, Tractive’s flagship trackers and app, the company uses its extensive pet data and expertise to come up with ways to delight its 270,000-plus users and make the world a better place for cats and dogs.

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