Linz, Austria, October 2020 Putting an end to the suffering of (stray) dogs all over the world and giving them a chance to live a healthy and happy life. That’s a mission that joins Wild at Heart Foundation and Tractive, world market leader in GPS tracking for cats and dogs. So for World Animal Day this October 4, Tractive donated part of its UK online sales between September 24 – October 1 to help find more homes for pups and support Wild at Heart.

Joining forces for our furry friends

“Like the folks at Wild at Heart, we believe every dog deserves to be safe, happy and healthy. That’s pretty much why Tractive exists, and we’re honoured that around 300,000 people trust us to keep their furry friends safe. So when we hear someone say they’re on a mission to end the suffering of 600 million stray dogs, well, it’s no question. We’re on board. We’re ready to do our part. And we’re ready to keep doing whatever we can to make the world a better place for these amazing animals.”- comments Michael Hurnaus, Tractive founder and CEO. Hurnaus has also already hinted that another collaboration is in the works. “Stay tuned!” he says. 

Giving pups new homes for World Animal Day

Tractive pledged to donate part of their UK online sales between September 24 – October 1 to the Wild at Heart Foundation. In the end, they reached an impressive total of GBP 2,500. “There’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing rescue dogs living a safe and happy life with loving new adopters, especially knowing that their previous experiences will have been so very different. That’s why it’s our pleasure to work alongside Tractive on this wonderful campaign which we’re sure will give many more dogs the chance to enjoy the freedom this world has to offer whilst remaining safe and cared for. With over 600 million strays in the world, we still have a long way to go; but thanks to Tractive’s generous support, we’ll be able to continue our global rescue mission and help many more stray dogs experience the joy and safety of a happy home of their own.” adds Nikki Tibbles, Founder of Wild at Heart Foundation. 

About Tractive

Tractive was founded in 2012 in Pasching, Austria by a group of paw-ssionate entrepreneurs looking to create a safer environment for the millions of pets in the world. Tractive’s mission is to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging technology to ensure a healthier, longer and safer life together. Tractive specialises in the development of pet tech, wearables and apps. In addition to Tractive GPS, Tractive’s flagship trackers and app, the company uses its extensive pet data and expertise to come up with ways to delight its 300,000-plus users and make the world a better place for cats and dogs.

About Wild at Heart Foundation

Wild at Heart Foundation believe in dogs. We believe that a dog can lift our mood, change our day, keep us active and transform a house into a home. They are our fierce protectors, guard us and perform heroic feats. They offer freely what humans can spend a lifetime learning, which is to love unconditionally. They save our lives in many ways. This is why Wild at Heart Foundation wants to end the suffering of these amazing creatures.