Pasching, Austria – April 2024 – Tractive, the world market leader in GPS tracking for cats and dogs, has launched the Base Station, a plug-in device that boosts the battery life of their GPS and health trackers.

The Base Station, while not necessary for Tractive trackers to work, helps extend a tracker’s battery life considerably without a recharge.

Tractive CEO Michael Hurnaus said, “We’re excited to add the Base Station to our product range. This small-but-mighty accessory will give pet owners extra peace of mind by knowing that their cat’s or dog’s tracker will be used more efficiently and only use the full battery when their pet is away from home.”

How it Works

The Base Station is a device that creates a Power Saving Zone for trackers. It lets you adjust the range of your Power Saving Zone, perfect for homes or other safe areas with patchy Wi-Fi or without Wi-Fi coverage. 

When a dog or a cat wearing a tracker enters a Power Saving Zone, the tracker recognizes that a pet is in a safe space. Normal GPS reporting is paused and only resumes when a pet is out and about again. The Base Station can be set up wherever you want in a space you consider your pet safe to be in.

As long as a pet’s tracker detects it is in the Power Saving Zone, it will keep LIVE Tracking, Light and Sound off to extend battery life.

Easy Setup

The Base Station requires virtually no setup. Pet owners simply attach the antenna to the Base Station and can plug it in anywhere with a power source. The owner then uses the Tractive GPS app to set up a Power Saving Zone by choosing a network in a trusted space where their pet spends a lot of time. By pressing a button on the Base Station, they can adjust the range.

The Base Station retails for 19.99 (EUR, GBP, USD) and can be bought on the Tractive webshop.

About Tractive

Tractive is the leading provider of GPS and Health Tracking solutions for dogs and cats. The company’s mission is to help pet parents keep their pets safe, healthy and happy. With millions of pets around the world, Tractive is dedicated to improving the lives of pets and their owners.

The team includes people of over 40 nationalities across Pasching (Austria) and Seattle (USA) working on the future of pet safety and well-being.

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