Common dangers for cats – Pay attention!

22 January 2021

Did you know, that there are a number of dangers around your house that may...

Did you know, that there are a number of dangers around your house that may be dangerous to your cat? Cats are curious creatures and they will take every opportunity to explore new things. The dangers are often not visible for humans, because some of them we hardly notice, and therefore we forget to pay attention. However, the dangers around the house can have sad consequences for our fluffy companion, which is why I want to make you aware of the potential dangers for cats.

Tilted windows

If a cat discovers a tilted window and then tries to reach the outside, it can happen that it gets stuck in the opening. If the cat is not removed within a few minutes, and stays stuck, serious internal organ injuries may occur. Worst-case scenario, internal organ injuries can lead to forced euthanasia. Of course, you should be able to bring fresh air into the house, but then secure the window opening with a grid or be present in the room where the window is open.

Balconies and open windows

Pay particular attention to balconies and open windows as these may be danger-zones.
Even though cats are known for their great balance, they can still fall and suffer major damages.
One way to protect your loved one would be with a cat-compatible grid. Roof balconies are very dangerous for cats because the risk of falling far down is increased.


Cats are curious animals, so your favorite plants might pose a huge temptation to your little friend. Cats, and some people, are not aware that many plants can be toxic  due to pesticides and other chemicals. If a cat takes a bite of a toxic plant reactions can vary from mild irritation of the mouth and gums to vomiting, seizures and even death. This doesn’t mean you have to strip your house of all greenery. You just need to be aware of the plants that can harm your cat. Another source of danger around the plants are wateringr cans with fertilizer in the water. They should be kept strictly away from cats.

Ropes and cables

Playing with ropes and cables is probably one of the most popular games for all cats. The fact that cables and ropes can cause severe injuries is often neglecated by cat owners. Especially the lights on the Christmas tree are very tempting for cats. Therefore, you should take care that no cables, ropes or other dangerous toys are available for your fluffy friend. The best would be to hide the dangerous cables a bit away and make sure that they aren’t too visible.

Cleaning material

The curiosity of cats is part of their nature, so don’t be surprised if your cat suddenly starts licking on cleaning materials to figure out what it is. However, this is very dangerous for your cat and may cause poisoning and/or chemical burns. Thefore, cleaning materials should not be within reach of your four-legged friend, but should be locked away in a cupboard. While cleaning a room it would be wise to keep your cat in another room until the cleaned surfaces are completely dry and safe.

Conclusion: Dangers for cats

The list of possible dangers for cats could be much longer. Dangers are everywhere and they are not always obvious to humans. We can not take care of our cats 24 hours a day and predict the dangers. However, by being aware of what might cause dangerous situations you are already eliminating some future injuries. Your cat will thank you!


Do you know what else to be aware of? Please let us know!

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