Holiday season kicks in and you share a passion with your dog: the water. Isn’t this the best theme for a pet-friendly destination? Don’t be hasty. Restrictions, hot temperatures, and a change in routine can put your pet in real danger. Motivation gone? A few tips for careful preparation is all you need. There are many important danger areas to consider when planning a dog friendly holiday to the sea or lake. Have you ever thought about any of these ones?

1. Shade & sunblock

Dogs are just as susceptible to sunburns, skin cancer and heat-related illnesses as humans are. So in summer, always make sure that your dog has plenty of access to shade, as overheating and heat stroke in dogs can be life-threatening.

Also, the best way to keep your dog from getting sunburned is to get them under the shade. Always travel with an umbrella and position yourself under natural shadow if you can (a tree for example). If you forget, your dog will instinctively seek shelter from the sun.

But do dogs need sunblock like us? The answer is yes1. Dogs should have sunblock applied to the sun-sensitive areas. But which products are safe to use? The golden rule: if it’s safe enough for human babies, it’s harmless for your dog! However, it can happen that your dog licks off lotions, sprays, and creams and since these substances can be toxic it is wise to consult with your veterinarian before using sunblock on your dog.

dog drinking from a bowl of water outside

2. Water

Besides sun protection, another summer essential for dogs is water. Like us, dogs will need more water during hot summer days. So many sure they always have access to plenty of fresh, clean water.

Just like humans, most of a dog’s body mass is made up of water. Without enough water, dogs will suffer and get sick – especially when it’s warm. A dog can manage a long time without food, but without water, he’s not going to survive. To avoid dehydration, always bring fresh water when you spend time outside and offer it to your pup at least every thirty minutes. Don’t forget to add a bit more when it’s really hot.

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3. Safety

Almost ready for your summer holiday but you worry about your dog running away? Not to fear; here’s where a GPS dog tracker can be a lifesaver. It’s an essential safety tool if you and your dog spend a lot of time outdoors – like camping or hiking in an unknown area. Some dogs are rather adventure-seeking and you never know if your pup suddenly escapes to explore the area. With a GPS dog tracker, you can follow your dog’s every step. Not only is it completely waterproof, shock-proof and adventure-proof, but it comes with a ton of other pawsome features designed to help keep your dog safe!

packaging of the Tractive GPS DOG tracker

Always know where your dog is

Follow every step in real-time with unlimited range. Get alerts if they wander too far. Keep them happy & healthy with Wellness Monitoring. And let others – like walkers or sitters – keep an eye on your dog too.

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4. Toys

Now that safety is settled, it’s time to consider fun! Even if your dog isn’t a water-loving dog that likes to swim, you can still enjoy a dog friendly holiday by the sea. Bring a frisbee or ball and let your dog play at the seaside. A food dispensing toy might also be a good idea to bring. It keeps your dog entertained and happy while relaxing in the shadow. Food dispensing toys can be stuffed with a great variety of treats and tasty snacks fitting for your dog’s taste.

dog catching yellow frisbee mid-air at the beach

5. First aid kit

Lastly, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit on your holiday. You want to be prepared in case of emergency if you are far from home and from your vet. Include rolled gauze and tape in case you need to treat a wound or injury and to stop any kind of bleeding. You can also use a towel.

Now you should be ready for your dog friendly holiday by the sea! What else would you bring with you on your adventure?

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