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Pet safety tips for New Year's Eve

Pet safety tips for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to get together with friends and celebrate. Festivities, music and big beautiful fireworks. We people love it but these festivities are not always safe or exciting for our pets. Most dogs are not used to these unexpected loud noises and New Year’s Eve can, therefore, be a particularly stressful day for our four-legged friends. There are a few things you can do to keep your dog safe and make this day joyful for both of you. Here are some pet safety tips for New Year’s Eve.

  1. First of all, use common sense. If you have pets that are use to a structured household, it may make more sense to take the party elsewhere this year.
  2. Make sure that your dog gets a lot of exercise earlier in the day. If your dog is tired from the exercise there is a chance that he can relax during the fireworks.
  3. Keep your dog inside during fireworks – preferably with human companionship.
  4. Parties and groups of people can create unneeded stress and anxiety for your pet. If you are hosting the New Year’s party, make sure that your dear pup has a safe zone. Provide a safe place inside for your dog to retreat. It doesn’t really matter where, as long as your dog feels good and safe. And don’t forget to inform your guests about your dog’s safe zone.
  5. Always have enough toys for your dog to play with. If he has something fun to do the fireworks might be less scary. Keep your pet amused and distracted.
  6. Beware of decorations like balloons and noisemakers. Your pet may decide to try these as an appetizer, resulting in choking and a trip to the vet.
  7. Be sure to leave sufficient water and food for your pet. If your dog has access to water, it will calm him down. And, if you provide food in regular portions your dog might feel that it’s a normal day. For dogs, food can be quite a distraction.
  8. Beware of having alcoholic beverages where your pet can get to them. They may smell appealing to your pet, which could result in a trip to the vet.
  9. Make sure you always have an eye on your pet. If possible, stay with your pup during the fireworks.
  10.  Last but definitely not least, prepare yourself! Stay calm and relaxed. Sometimes, in our desire to ease our pet’s pain, we actually transfer some of our anxiety and upset to the pet. If you’ve prepared properly in advance, there is no need to feel upset and worried.

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Scary noises from festivities and fireworks can turn even the bravest dogs into scared puppies. Some pets even run away on New Year’s Eve because of their fireworks fears. On this particular day you should, therefore, be extra careful to ensure the safety of your pup. First of all, keep an eye on your dog during the fireworks and make sure that you know where he is all the time. Secondly, it would be wise to provide your dog with a Tractive GPS Tracker in case of escape. The Tractive GPS Tracker is a simple, small device attached to the dog’s collar. The tracker communicates with a Tractive app which means, you can locate your dog, anytime and anywhere, directly on your smartphone. If your dog suddenly disappears during the fireworks you can use the Tractive LIVE-Tracking feature and follow every step of your beloved pet in realtime. If you are the owner of a New Year’s Eve runaway, the Tractive GPS Tracker will give you peace of mind.

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Help your pet ring in the New Year with you by following these pet safety tips for New Year’s Eve.

 Happy New Year!




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