Pet safety tips for New Year’s Eve

21 August 2018

Thousands of dogs are lost every New Year. The reasons? Loud parties, fireworks and noise. This year, inform yourself about the best ways to protect your dog and enjoy the celebrations.

Dog friendly new year's eve

Dog friendly New Year’s Eve tips? You’re in the right place. New Year’s Eve is a wonderful time to get together with friends and celebrate the end of the year with music and fireworks. Who doesn’t love it? Probably your dog and cat. Sad but true, celebrations like New Year’s Eve can be dangerous for your pet. Now is a good time to learn why and get prepared to protect your beloved dog or cat in the best way possible.

Your dog hates New Year’s Eve and you don’t know it

No matter what you’ve planned for this year, there is a high chance that your dog or cat is not going to like it. These are the most common reasons why dogs and cats don’t usually enjoy New Year’s Eve:

  • You go on vacation
  • Many guests
  • Fireworks – inescapable noise and loud music

Why are fireworks dangerous for your dog?

Fireworks, noise and loud music can turn even the bravest dog into a scared puppy. When your dog is scared, he has the natural instinct to go and find shelter.

Prevent your dog from running away

This means that sometimes running away is the only way to escape. To prevent your dog from getting lost this New Year’s Eve, keep a Tractive GPS attached to your dog’s collar during the whole evening. By doing so, you can enjoy the evening and rely on the Virtual Fence and LIVE Tracking features of the Tractive GPS.

Dog friendly new year's eve

Get your dog a Tractive GPS

Now that you are aware that New Year’s Eve is not usually a fun day for your dog, you can take some other extra precautions. Here are five tips for a dog friendly New Year’s Eve.

Dog friendly New Year’s Eve? The 5 tips you need

Having a dog-friendly New Year’s Eve requires using common sense first! Always keep an eye on your dog during the evening and be extra attentive when fireworks, noise and loud music increase. Apply these 5 tips:

1. Get your dog moving

After a dog goes for a long walk, they are usually calm afterwords. Go for a walk with your dog before the evening starts and the chances are far greater that he will not feel as overwhelmed later.

2. Inside is safe

As a general rule, keep your dog inside. If you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party, think ahead and dedicate a room or a confined space to your dog. Fill the space with your dog’s bed sheets. some food-if you wish, and other familiar items. This room will be your dog’s safe place during the evening.

3. Keep your dog busy

Dogs are very curious animals. To counter the intriguing action of New Year’s Eve, you have to find alternative ways to entertain your dog. Try buying a new toy; if a dog has something new to play with, he is far less likely to care about what’s going on around him.

4. Food and water…

Always make sure that your dog has access to water and food. Nevertheless, keep his daily routines; your dog should not feel that something is different. By doing this, your dog will feel more relaxed and less inclined to run off if scared.

5. Beware of alcoholic beverages

Your dog or cat may find the smell of alcohol appealing. Alcoholic beverages, can be harmful to a dog or cat. Keep alcoholic beverages out of your dog’s reach. The least you want to do is have to visit the vet on on of the most days of the year!

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