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a cat's stories

A cat’s stories

Hi, my name is Spritzer and I am a Tractive cat. Last year I lost my way home, so now I’m not allowed to leave home without wearing my tracker. My mum thought it would be fun if I shared my adventures to show people how far I actually travelled and what I am up to now. So, I now have my own Facebook page promoting the Tractive device and showing people how it works. You can also follow me on Instagram where me and my mum share “a cat’s stories”. (more…)

danger zone

Safe Zone as Danger Zone!

When the outside weather temperature permits it, Bubby-the-Cat heads out of the cat-door and free-roams our neighborhood for most of his day. People readily recognize him by his bright ginger-colored striped coat, and by that unusual looking white thing he wears on his cat collar. Keenly aware of my responsibility for Bubby’s safety, I tremendously value Bub’s Tractive GPS collar for monitoring his whereabouts. More than once my Tractive GPS has saved Bub from becoming lost when he wandered into unfamiliar territory.