5 Reasons To Get Your Cat A GPS Cat Tracker

10 February 2022

A GPS cat tracker is a simple yet life-saving technology that can strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend and give you peace of mind. Discover the top five reasons to invest in a GPS tracker for cats below 👇

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Have you ever wondered where your outdoor cat goes or if they will return home safely? Or worried about your indoor cat escaping and getting into danger? Or maybe you want extra peace of mind when traveling or hiking with your cat? If you are a cat parent who wants to make sure that your feline friend stays safe and sound, then a GPS cat tracker is the purrfect tool for you! So here are 5 reasons to get your cat a GPS cat tracker.

1. A GPS cat tracker lets you see everywhere your cat roams.

Do you have a curious adventure cat? Is your little hunter roaming the neighborhood for hours or even days on end? Do you want to see what your furbaby gets up to when they’re not by your side?

It’s now possible to see everywhere your cat goes with the help of a GPS cat tracker. Check on where your cat is in real time, or view their location history in the map. Find out if your feline stays close by, spends most of their time hiding or sleeping, visits a friendly neighbor or chases their prey – and curiosity – for miles.

While most cats stay within a 2.5 acre radius of home1, a GPS cat tracker can allow you to discover your cat’s favorite spots and if your cat is more adventurous than the average kitty.

2. You won’t have to worry about losing your cat again.

Most pet parents know how scary it can be when their beloved furry friend goes missing. You might have already lost your cat once or more often before.

15% of cat parents lose their cats in a 5-year period; some are never found.

Animals Journal

With a GPS cat tracker, the days of worrying about your feline friend going missing are over.

Just make sure the small cat tracking device is charged, turn it on and attach it to your cat’s safety collar. Then you can let your cat out with peace of mind, knowing where they are at all times. So if your cat doesn’t return home for dinner, you can easily switch on LIVE Tracking to see where they are and bring them home again.

3. A cat tracking device could save your cat’s life.

The benefits of a GPS cat tracker go beyond being able to track your cat for fun or peace of mind. A GPS cat tracking device could actually save your cat’s life. Being the makers of the world’s most trusted GPS trackers for cats, we’ve heard stories aplenty of cats being saved from life-threatening situations thanks to their GPS tracker. Take Oscar’s story for example:

On Tuesday, August 20th, Oscar jumped into a car and was thrown out 19 km from home. Then I got the message that he had left his safe zone and I panicked because I did not recognise the street names. I could see his panic as well because he was running around. A friend and I jumped into the car and drove to the city where he was. We found him, exactly where his Tractive showed us. A happy cat jumped into my arms. Me, a happy owner, cried and felt so joyful because of the Tractive around his neck. Otherwise, we would not have found him.

Get Tractive GPS CAT

Since GPS works all over the world, you can find your cat virtually everywhere – no matter where they go missing. Outdoor cats living their best lives face dangers – including predators, other cats, injury, disease, toxic plants, cars and even just places where they could easily get stuck. If your cat comes into harm’s way, you’ll be able to find and rescue them in life-saving time with a GPS cat tracker.

4. You can keep your cat in good shape, too.

Is your cat carrying around a little extra pudge? A saggy belly is a sign of an overweight cat. As a loving cat parent, it’s important to keep an eye on your cat’s Body Condition Score. With the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker, you can monitor how much time your cat spends moving or sleeping, how many calories they burn, and more.

Plus, compare your cat’s activity with others in your friends circle, neighborhood, breed group or the world of Tractive GPS users. Enjoy a friendly competition with them for the cat-tastic purpose of keeping your feline friend in tip-top shape.

Screenshot of Leaderboard December in the Tractive GPS App

5. Stay connected to your feline friend at all times.

The final reason to get your cat a GPS cat tracker? It helps you stay connected to your furball at all times and strengthens that special bond with your feline. Here’s how:

  • Your cat’s gone missing? Find them ASAP with LIVE Tracking.
  • Your cat’s playing in the backyard while you’re inside? Set up a virtual GPS fence and get notified if they roam too far.
  • Need help searching for your cat? Share your cat and the tracker’s position with friends and family.
  • Want to find your cat but they’re hiding indoors? Find their hiding spots with Find Mode.
  • You’re away from home and want to make sure your cat is fine? Open the app and see their current location anytime.
  • Lost your cat in the dark? Enable the light and/or sound feature to find your furry friend at nighttime.
  • Wonder what your cat does all day long? Get insights about your cat’s behavior to better understand your feline friend.

See for yourself how the new Tractive GPS CAT works in the video below:

So there you have it, 5 reasons to get your cat a GPS cat tracker! What would be YOUR reason for getting a GPS cat tracking device?

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