How to share your dog walk route on social media

Are you using the Tractive Dog Walk app regularly, but still wondering how to share your...

13 August 2018



Are you using the Tractive Dog Walk app regularly, but still wondering how to share your walk on social media? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. We would like to show you how you can share a dog walk with your smartphone!

Share a dog walk

  • Simply choose History from the main menu and select your desired pet:
  • Now pick the dog walk you want to share:

How can i share my Dogwalk route on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?


This is easy! After selecting the walk click on the share button of your phone and upload the distance traveled.

(Attention: the Facebook app must be installed and and you need to be logged in)


On Twitter you can also share a walk with your followers by clicking on the app icon.

(Attention: the Twitter app must be installed and you need to be logged in)


Unfortunately, it is not possible to share a link on Instagram. At the moment, you can only can share your dog walk by making a screenshot. We are already aware of this issue and are working on a solution that makes it possible for you to share a walk with your Instagram followers.

As soon as we’re done, we’ll let you know 😉

Where can i download the Dog Walk app?

You still don’t have the Dog Walk app on your Smartphone? We have to change that! 🙂
Visit our website and download the app for iOS or Android.



Download Dogwalk app

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