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Tractive Premium Features

New App-Features with Tractive Premium

The Tractive GPS Pet Finder App introduces new exclusive features available for our Tractive Premium customers. Check out the new features right here.

Premium Features

Tractive Premium Features


The Premium service shows the altitude of the current location on the map which is perfect for a hike in the mountains

You can also enable the speed visualization during a Live-Tracking session.

How can I enable these new features?

It’s pretty simple:

  • Go to the map ➞ press the i-button ➞ this will open a new dialog with the map settings.
  • Here you can set the two check marks.  If you enable them you will see the new features in the map

How can I get Tractive Premium?

You want to try those new features? But are you currently using the Basic-plan? Don’t worry, you can easily upgrade to Premium plan on our website.

Upgrade to Tractive Premium


More advantages of the Premium plan are shown in our help center.



Simon is supporting the Tractive Team with his former technical education and his four-legged friend Roxy. Responsible for all the tech-related topics, Simon will keep you up-to-date about the latest products.

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