New Feature for Tractive GPS App iOS – Compass

Now you can pinpoint in which direction your pet is! An often and long requested...

18 August 2015



Now you can pinpoint in which direction your pet is!

An often and long requested feature made it back in the Tractive GPS App, the compass!

How to enable the compass feature


Open the Tractive GPS app and click on the gear icon at the bottom right corner for the map settings.


Here you have the possibility to trigger the compass visibility.


Once enabled you will have a nice new widget on the map view, which will show you direction and distance to your pet!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! And Android folks, for now it’s on iOS only but we’ll get there, promised.

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  1. iphone-support

    nice post for enable the compass feature

  2. Dahiana

    Hi !!
    I would to know about the distances ?

    • Simon

      Dear Dahiana,

      the distance to your dog is displayed right under the arrow which points in the right direction?

      If you need further assistance please send our Service Team an Email via


  3. Andrew Flintoff

    Wow.! Wonderful blog i really appreciate it 🙂 GPS App is very easy to use. very helpful to users 🙂 i like it more blog share us Thanks 🙂

  4. JacKJone

    I am really impressed with your writing abilities and also with the format on your blog.

    • Sanda

      Dear JackJone,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Best, Sanda

  5. Quickbooks

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