New Feature: MOTION distance calculation

Until recently, the MOTION app measured only the movement of your pet. The Pet-Points were...

Until recently, the MOTION app measured only the movement of your pet. The Pet-Points were a mere representation of the activity of your pet.
The MOTION distance calculation will show you the approximate distance your pet has covered.

From now on, you will see a new section in your app.

Motion Distance calculation - distance

But before you can see the distance, you’ll need to enter additional data.

How to set up the MOTION distance calculation feature

You might have already noticed that there is a new section in the MOTION app called “Distance” right beneath the Pet-Point area:

Motion Distance calculation - overview

In order to calculate the distance you need to enter your pet’s height. If you haven’t entered it already, there will be a badge telling you to enter your pet’s height:

Motion Distance calculation - add height

Once you have entered the data, you will see the the MOTION distance calculation according to the Pet-Points:

Motion Distance calculation - show distance

If you are more familiar with the imperial system you can just tap on the distance badge and all the units will be transferred from metric to imperial.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new MOTION distance calculation feature.

Please give us your feedback in the comment field below 🙂

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  1. tommy jones

    Considering the size constraints for a battery in constant use, how about an emergency only ONE time use chip implant that only uses a very small battery that lays dormant until activated that goes trackable for maybe 1 hour. This would be for emergency locating.

  2. Jam Smith

    Amazing application. This app is really useful. Technology has benefitted in each and every aspects of our lives especially mine. As I was using an online tool for checking whether I’m overweight or not and now I’m going to use this application to keep a track of my rottweiler!!! Thanks for sharing, along with this, I’m looking check out a more innovative application in the future.

    • Sarah

      Hi Jam,
      We are happy that you are a satisfied MOTION user 🙂

      If you have any improvements for us, we would also be very happy about that.


  3. Andy

    What’s the difference between tractive gps and Tractive GPS 2 Pet Tracker

    • Chelsea

      Dear Andy,

      Thanks for your question!

      The Tractive GPS2 is a bit lighter and smaller (28 grams, 48mm x 34mm x 17mm) and attached vertically, so it fits better on smaller animals. The Tractive GPS2 also includes a temperature sensor to give a warning if the animal is trapped in an environment that is too hot or too cold. In addition to that, we’ve added the Tractive MOTION functionality to the Tractive GPS 2. That means that the Tractive GPS 2 comes with all the features our Tractive GPS Tracker has plus the features of the Tractive MOTION. So it’s essentially two devices in one.

      For more information please visit for a detailed tracker comparison.

      Best regards,

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