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The New-Generation Tracker: Tractive GPS 2

As you might have already noticed, we recently launched a new addition to our product portfolio. The new Tractive GPS 2.

Therefore, we would like to inform you a bit about the new device. This article gives you an overview about all the features that are supported by both the first and second generation tracker, as well as the new ones.

What features do the 2 trackers have in common?

Tractive 2 Tracking

As you might have guessed the tracking feature is the most important function. Both devices have the capabilities to determine the current location via GPS satellites. The trackers are transmitting the data to our servers. Your Smartphone pulls the data from our servers and visualizes the location on the map.

The virtual fence (Safe Zone) can also be set with both devices. Leaving the Safe Zone will trigger an alarm on your smartphone.

What you can also find in the Tractive GPS 2 is the LED  which can be turned on remotely.

Like the first generation tracker, the new Tractive GPS 2 is also completely water proof. Swimming or playing in a lake or the sea does not damage the device.

What makes the Tractive GPS 2 even better?

Tractive 2 - Device

The whole Tractive team was thinking that question: “How can we make the Tractive GPS 2 even better?”

And I think we did a fairly good job. Because the new tracker does not only come with updated hardware, it’s comes with lots of new components and features.

We managed to add all the functions and features of the original Tractive GPS plus the new features. But it doesn’t stop there! We also made Tractive GPS 2 smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

The new features

  • Smaller and lighter
    48mm x 34mm x 17mm with only 29 g.
  • Clip loss detection
    Should the tracker be removed or dropped out of the clip you’ll receive an imediate alarm.
  • Heat alarm
    You should never leave your kids or pets in your car on hot summerdays. The inside temperature can climb up to 80°C degrees or more. Apart from cars there are other situations where the temperature can get too high for your pet. To avoid dangerous situations, you’ll receive a warning on your smartphone once the temperature rises above 40°C.
  • Faster and easier charging
    We have removed the charging clamp and created a whole new system with new electronic parts.
  • Activity monitor
    You might already know our Tractive Motion device. But to be honest, one device on your pets collar is enough. That’s why our hardware designers integrated the activity monitor into the Tractive 2 device. You can now collect information about your pets activities and sync them wireless to the Tractive Motion app.
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Do you have any questions or do you need assistance?

Visit our Help Center or drop us a message via our contact form. Our support agents will be happy to assist you.

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6 thoughts on “The New-Generation Tracker: Tractive GPS 2

  1. Hello!
    I bought the new Tractive GPS 2, and I have a question: Is it normal “low battery” only about 48 hours after charge?
    Thank you very much.
    João Pedro
    Sintra – Portugal

    1. Dear Scott,

      I know that my answer will not satisfy you but right now I cannot tell you when the Tractive GPS 2 will be available outside of Europe.

      Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our Newsletter.
      We will use those channels to spread the word once it’s available.

      All the best,

  2. Hello,
    We have two Tractive devices that no longer work properly in the U.S. because AT&T no longer supports 2G networks. Will there be discount to upgrade to the new units once they’re available here? Thank you!

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