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Here at Tractive, we are doing everything in our power to give you the best...

Here at Tractive, we are doing everything in our power to give you the best experience with all our services.
That’s why you can save and print your service receipts online from now on.

The new feature went live on 1st June, which means your receipts will be automatically created for you since that date.

Where can I find the service receipts?

To gain access you need to log in at our »Webapp«.

You will find an additional option in your account settings.

Right next to option to list all your services there’s »your invoices«

In order to have your full name and address properly written at the top of the invoice, you need to enter your data in the appropriate fields at the top and save them.

In the screenshot below you can find an example invoice. It includes all the necessary information and the previously set personal data
The button at the top can be used to save or print it

How can I access service receipts for services paid before 1st June?

Unfortunately, you can’t access those on your own. New invoices are automatically created with the beginning of 1st June.

If you need receipts for services paid before that you can always send our Service Team a message. They will take care of your request.

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