The new Tractive Webapp

Not long ago we updated our website and adjusted it to fit our smartphone apps....

30 July 2016



Not long ago we updated our website and adjusted it to fit our smartphone apps. The new user interface is now very similar on every platform and is providing an easier and more convenient navigation than the old website.

Despite the fact that the new Tractive webapp is pretty self-explanatory, here’s a small guide in case you don’t find all the features that are available.

Follow the link right here, to access the Tractive webapp.

In order to login please use your email address and the password of your Tractive account (the same password you are using to login on your smartphone)
The webapp will be loaded right after you hit “Sign In” and all features will be accessible.

In the sidebar on the left you can find the all the same elements, information and options as you have in the smartphone app. But anyway, here’s a quick explanation:

  • Your Profile picture and name
  • Activate a new Tractive GPS tracker
  • A list of all your activated trackers
  • Profile settings
  • Notification settings
  • Logout
  • Link to our Help-Center
  • Link for product information
  • Change the language of the webapp

How to Activate Your Tracker

If you’ve just received or bought a new Tractive GPS tracker you just need to click the button to activate the new device. The webapp will guide you through all the necessary steps.
In order to activate the tracker you’ll need the 8-digit Tracker ID which is located on the back of the device.

Your Trackers and the New Sharing Feature

The sidebar contains a list of all your trackers with their pictures and names, followed by a little pictogram which shows the current battery state.

Our newest feature: You can share your tracker with friends or family. And the best thing is, it only takes a few clicks. Once they’ve accepted your sharing invitation the tracker will be visible in their own account. With the new sharing feature in our webapp, you don’t need to give away your login credentials to another person.

Account Settings

Here you can find all settings for your account.
On the upper end of your screen you can find all information about your active service plans.
Additionally, you can edit your name, email address and your password. For the changes to take effect, please don’t forget to press the “Save” button.

For the lazy ones we’ve added the possibility to log into your smartphone app via QR code. Just open your app and select the QR code-option, scan the QR code on the settings page and you’re good to go.

Your Active Services

For detailed information about your service plans you can click on “My service plans” and all your services will be shown. Here you can also change your payment credentials or your payment interval.

Notification Settings

If you want to add an extra email address for the notifications, please add it here.
Furthermore, you can change the language of the notifications. The notifications are sent out when:

  • entering the Safe Zone
  • leaving the Safe Zone
  • the batteries get low

The Map

The map and its information labels are designed exactly like on your smartphone app. That means, you can find the following information on the upper left corner on your screen:

  • Name of your pet
  • Speed of your pet if it’s moving
  • Current sea level of the trackers location

On the upper right corner you can find all the commands you can send to your tracker (Live, Light). Furthermore, you can select the option to view the location history and to change the Safe Zone of your tracker.

Location History

If you click the button to view the location history, the data of the last 24 hours will be visible. If you need detailed information about a specific timeframe (even if it’s been a few weeks ago) you can select your desired timeframe at the bottom of the screen.

Please select the start and the end date first. After that, you can fine-tune the displayed data with the blue slider.


We hope you’ll like the new Tractive webapp as much as we do. If you have any questions or if you want to give us feedback please contact us via our Support Form.
Contact Form

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  1. Gianluca

    I can’t see notification on my Iphone and Ipad for tractive GPS tracker; on android smartphone it works well. I can’t find the app in the notification center of iphone and Ipad!
    How can I turn the notification on over IOS?

    • Janine

      Hi Gianluca,

      I’m sorry that you don’t receive notifications on your iPhone/iPad.
      The app should definitely show up in the notification center. Our tech support team will get in touch, please check your inbox.


      • Grace Davidson

        I have the same problem. no tractive app in ios Notification center.

        • Lena

          Hi Grace,

          Can you please try to enable the Safe Zone for a short moment to register your App for Push Notifications.
          One of my colleagues is already in contact with you.
          Please let her know if you’re experiencing any further troubles.

          All the best,

  2. Jane Frank

    Unable to Login on App

    Hi, I’ve registered my Tractive and can login on my computer but not on my the App. It gives me a message regarding storage. Please advise.

    • Lena

      Hi Jane,

      that seems like a message from your phone itself and not our app.
      Can you check if you’ve enough free space on your smartphone?

      If you need further assistance please drop us an email at

      Kind regards

  3. Andy

    Hi, Once I click on the LIVE button it has a timer of around 800 seconds until it automatically disconnects. Is there a way I can keep this on permanently whilst we are sleeping overnight? Many thanks

    • Lena

      Hi Andy,

      The Live Mode is automatically turned off after 15 minutes of activity. This fall-back feature was built in to save battery life in case you should forget to disable the Live Mode yourself.
      Unfortunately, there’s currently no option to prolong this duration.

      Nevertheless, I saved your request and we’ll take it into consideration for future updates.

      All the best,

      • Jan Wester

        I will higky appricate a possibilty to adjust the time fram for turning off Live Mode,
        Adjustable up to 2h would be great.


        • Simon

          Dear Jan,

          I saved your request and we’ll take it into consideration for future updates.
          Although lots of our customers’ wishes have been implemented I can not promise you that yours can be fulfilled too.
          Thank you for your understanding.

          All the best,

      • Doug Hines

        Disabling the Live Mode after 15 minutes of activity is bad news. Recently someone had stolen my Tractive gps unit. I began following the culprit in my vehicle, and in the middle of the tracking chase, the Live Mode shut down. Although I was able to regain gps control, the few minutes it took to regain operations meant the crook got further away from me. (I eventually tracked him/her to a house, and the police recovered the Tractive unit.) Point is… I want total control of the Live Mode duration.

        • Simon

          Hi Doug,

          thanks for your feedback and your exciting story about pursuit.
          I can understand your point and I’ve noted your request and will send it to our developers. I cannot promise you that your request can and will be fulfilled in the future, though.


  4. Joost van der Heide

    Hi, i just bought the tractive app. and i saw that the casing is waterproof. so does this mean that if my dog jumps into the water the device should be fine? also, when i open the app on my iphone it gives variable updates about the where abouts. sometimes its 1 minute, the other time its 50 minutes. is it also possible to get an update about whereabouts every 10 minutes or so?

    with kind regards, Joost

    • Lena

      Hi Joost,

      Of course, the Tractive GPS Tracker is completely waterproof. Jumping into a lake or the sea does not harm the tracker as long as its enclosure has not been damaged in advance 😉
      The variable updates you’re experiencing are completely normal. An internal accelerometer unit is measuring the activity level. Once movement is detected the Tractive GPS Tracker will update its position more often than in a state of non-movement. For example if your dog/cat is sleeping at night the location updates will occur less frequent. This behavior has some benefits on the overall battery life.

      If you need further assistance you can always contact us via
      One of our Support Agents will be happy to assist you in any case.


  5. Doug Gray

    When I registered my first tracker I missed putting a picture of my dog on his tracker. I don’t see how to go back and add a picture.

    Also, my map is just a simple map with no buildings or anything. How do I change the map used?

    • Lena

      Hi Doug,

      Adding a picture of your dog is currently only possible in our Tractive App that you can use on your smartphone.
      In case you are using the Webapp only, you can send me the picture and the name of your dog and I’ll add it to your account 😉

      To change the map mode you can click onto the gear wheel on the lower right corner of the screen. There’ll be an option to change the map to Hybrid then.

      If you need further assistance or to send us the photo, please contact us via our Support Form at:

      All the Best,

  6. Ludovica

    I cannot find the breed of my dog. He is a shelter dog mixed breeds but looks a lot like a small German shepherd. In Italy we call them meticcio.
    What shoul I write?

    • Lena

      Hi 😉

      There are currently not all breeds available, including mixed ones.
      If you cannot find your breed you can leave the field empty of course.

      I’ll forward your request to our development team.
      I cannot promise you that your breed can be added right now I am afraid, though.

      All the best,


    j’étais satisfait du tractive GPS que j’ai depuis 1 mois.
    Aujourd’hui, gros problème, le voyant rouge reste allumé en permanence. Je n’ai plus de connexion sur l’appareil. Je ne parviens pas à éteindre ce voyant en appuyant longuement sur le bouton marche/arrêt.
    Je l’ai mis en charge mais rien n’y fait…
    Juste envie de le mettre à la poubelle….

    • Lena

      Hi Hernandez,

      Veuillez contacter notre équipe d’assistance technique à l’adresse
      Ils auront un coup d’oeil immédiat à elle!


  8. a.bülent özenç

    I want to change the registered dog name. how can I do.!!!

    • Lena

      Hi 😉

      You can change or edit pet profiles in your smartphone app only right now!

      If the Tracker is showing with its TrackerID in the sidepanel you can just click add there.
      The app will guide you through all the steps to create a pet profile with name and photo.

      If you have already set a name before you can click the little “i” next to your Tracker in the sidebar and then you can edit all the details of the tracker.

      If you’re experiencing any troubles let me know.
      All the best,








    • Lena


      Je vous ai envoyé un courriel avec des instructions sur la façon de transférer les trackers.

      Bonne chance

  10. Maj

    Can i edit the time for live tracking?
    Where can i find track length number?

    • Simon

      Dear Maj,

      the duration of the Live Mode is currently limited to 15 minutes to conserve battery life.
      This prevents the battery from draining quickly in case you forget to disable it.
      Unfortunately the 15 minutes timeframe cannot be adjusted right now.

      In order to get details on your tracks or if you want to analyze the location data you can export it. With Third Party Apps like Google Earth it is possible to get more details and information.

      If you need further assistance or help you can contact our Service Team at


  11. Ingrid Burt

    Hi. How can I turn on sound on my dog’s tracker from my smartphone app.

    • Simon

      Hi Ingrid,

      you can find that option in the settings menu of your Tractive device.
      • Open the sidebar and select the “i” next to your tracker
      • Scroll down and look for the “Light & Sound” section
      • You’ll find the appropriate button right there

      In case you need further assistance you can also leave a message at
      Our Technical Support Team will be happy to assist.


  12. gelin faut 1 abonnement pour chaque appareil tractive?ne serait il pas possible de mettre plusieur appareil tractive sur 1 seul et mème abonnement ?pour limiter les grosse notes pour les propriétaires de plusieurs chiens.pour un seul chien c’est interessant mais pour cinq chiens ou plus tractive est loin d’ètre concurrentiel.en référence au garmin par exemple qui compte un abonnement de 15 euros par ans pour je crois au alentours de 10 chiens sur le mème appareil.tractive peu devenir je pense très très interressant si il étudis un peu le faite de pouvoir rassemblé plusieur appareil sur un seul abonnement.merci de vos réponse BYYYE

    • Simon

      Cher Gelin,

      Merci pour vos commentaires et vos commentaires.
      En ce moment, vous devez payer les frais de service pour chaque tracker séparément.
      Je ne peux pas vous dire si cela va changer à l’avenir.
      Soyez assuré que je transmettrai votre demande au service approprié.

      Suivez-nous sur Facebook, Twitter et abonnez-vous à notre Newsletter pour recevoir toutes les dernières nouvelles.
      Nous utilisons ces canaux pour obtenir toutes les informations nécessaires.

      Pour d’autres questions, veuillez contacter notre équipe d’assistance technique via

      Bonne chance

  13. Sue

    My tractive gpsXL, RQPRUTND, is charged and turned on but does not contact the network or “report.” When I press the button on the front I get one green light blink and then the led is out.

    The unit does not work as advertised, what can I do?


    • Janine

      Hi Sue,

      I’m sorry you are experiencing problems with your new XL tracker.
      I have sent you an email so we can discuss the issue in more detail. Please check your inbox.

      Kind regards,

      • Fabio

        I have the same problem. Can you send instructions to me, too?

    • Lorraine

      I have the same problem. Can you send instructions to me, too?

  14. Ton Meijer

    I appreciate that the position update is at varying intervals depending on activity to preserve battery power. However, when an update for the “now actual” position is required, there is no other option than starting Live Tracking. I would like to have something in betwee, like a button that says “where are you NOW?” i.e. request actual position. Could such a function be implemented?


    • Simon

      Dear Ton,

      I saved your request and we’ll take it into consideration for future updates.
      Although lots of our customers’ wishes have been implemented I can not promise you that yours will be implemented.
      Thank you for your understanding.

      Kind regards,

  15. Matija

    Dear support people,

    I’ve registered my tracker on my laptop, but my girlfriend wishes she has it on her iphone ass well,
    but it’s not able to register the activated tracker, as it want find it…

    pls, help

    • Simon

      Hi Matija,

      During the activation process you have created a Tractive Account.
      The Tracker was registered and activated onto that account.

      Please use the mail address and the associated password to login on your smartphone.
      If you’re having troubles, please forward us your Tracker ID via


  16. Ingrid

    Hi, my cat is at home for one hour already. I checked the application out of curiosity and according to this my cat is running there and back in radius 6 km. I started to doubt reliability of this device. Where is a problem please? Ingrid

    • Andreas

      Hi Ingrid,
      please contact our customer service team at, they will take care of your request.
      Best regards,

  17. Luca Vértes

    Hi! I use the tracker only occasionally so I wouldn’t like to pay for a year or two period. I payed one month and the system automatically charged my account for renewing. I would like to stop this automatic renewal and would like to decide by myself when I want to pay for the service. Thank you for your help in advance! Luca

    • Simon

      Dear Luca,

      Please forward us your 8-digit TrackerID via
      Our technical support team will be happy to help you out.

      All the best,

  18. Amar Ahmethodzic

    Hi. I bought a Tractive gps 2 that have motion functions, but it stopped working. It says that the last time it was synced was to days ago. My phone is connected to the Tractive by Bluetooth. The gps function works great by the way. Please help.
    Best regards

    • Simon

      Dear Amar,

      please try the following workaround:

      • Activate the airplane mode on your smartphone
      • Activate Bluetooth; Do not turn off the airplane mode
      • Fire up your Motion app and try to sync manually

      Please send a message to our technical support team if that does not work.
      You can contact them via

      All the best,

  19. Doug Hines

    In the device information window, Battery Level is expressed as a percentage. Could this percentage be added to the main window along with, or in lieu of, the battery icon symbol? I would much rather see the specific percentage instead of trying to interpret the icon symbol.

    • Simon

      Hi Doug,

      I have also answered your other comment. Thank your for your feedback again. I’ll forward all your requests to our developer team.


  20. Dave C.

    For the last few days, this is the response I am getting when using the tractive GPS: The last reported position is inaccurate.
    Last report: 2 minutes ago
    Position accuracy: 246m (no GPS).
    What could be causing my loss of gps? I have never had a problem like this before. The unit is fully charged and is periodically outdoors under clear skies.

  21. Claire Janigo


    I signed up for the premium package, for one year. And no longer have use for the Tracker. I was charged the full rate upfront and not in monthly intervols of 4.99. I would like to be reimbursed for the months that I will not be using this tracker. And how can I go about cancelling my plan?

    Thank you

  22. Brianna

    Is there a way of changing the icon that shows where my dog is currently located? it is so large that it obscures the path at times. I would prefer a smaller icon like a colored dot.

    • Christina

      Dear Brianna,

      Thank you for your comment. We will take your request into consideration in the development of future versions of the Tractive GPS app. At present however, there is no option to change the size of this icon. Thank you for your understanding.

      Best regards,

  23. Trina Brink

    My phone app is connected to the 3G network, but my tracker won’t connect to the network. And thus, can’t give me an update on battery or position. How to I ge the tracker to connect to the network. I’ve stood outside with both phone and tracker… nothing seems to help connect.

    • Melanie

      Hi Trina,
      I’ve forwarded your message to our customer service team. They’ll reach out to you soon.
      Best wishes,

  24. Jennifer

    Super frustrated as I was very excited about being able to use Tractive again to track my cat since the other one stopped working in my area. Since activating it less than a week ago I have had to charge it THREE times and my tripawd cat has barely been outside. Then I get notifications that she’s left the safe zone when she’s sitting right next to me inside the house!

    • Chelsea

      Dear Jennifer,

      Thank you for your feedback. The device needs a clear line of sight to the sky to get a good GPS signal, so turning off your tracker while indoors or enlarging your safe zone will help to solve this issue. Additionally, you can contact us at and we will take a closer look at your device to determine why your battery is draining so quickly. We hope to assist you soon.

      Best regards,

  25. Ronald Enhelder

    hello, I activated my tracker a few days ago and it is not usable. When i go online or to my android app it says the battery is at 5% and the last time the location updated 48 years ago. Please help me with my issues.

    • Simon

      Dear Ronald,

      the Email you sent to our Service Team is already answered.


  26. Gregor

    Hello, i m selecting a service plan for my tracker. Only options available in the activation process are yearly and bienally, i would like to make it basic monthly, like it s optional on your website, because i need it for 3-4 months every year.

    • Chelsea

      Dear Gregor,

      For easy activation, our two most popular service plans (yearly & biannual) are made available in the app activation flow. For monthly basic service, please login at and you will have the option to select monthly service. You can contact Customer Service at for any further questions or concerns.

      Best regards,

  27. Olivier


    You used to have a live chat for technical support…. You do’nt anymore ?

    Can someone assist me with y problem? My tractive 2 is not responding since 2 days…. fully charged, i switched on and off couple of times.. i went in different open areas where it usually worked all the time …..



    • Chelsea

      Hi Olivier,

      The Live Chat feature is normally available during our business hours of Mon. – Thur. 9am – 5pm and Friday 9am – 12pm CET. A member of our Customer Service team is currently addressing your ticket and will assist you to get your tracker working again.

      Best regards,