The new Tractive Webapp

13 August 2018

Not long ago we updated our website and adjusted it to fit our smartphone apps....

The new Tractive Webapp

Not long ago we updated our website and adjusted it to fit our smartphone apps. The new user interface is now very similar on every platform and is providing an easier and more convenient navigation than the old website.

Despite the fact that the new Tractive webapp is pretty self-explanatory, here’s a small guide in case you don’t find all the features that are available.

Follow the link right here, to access the Tractive webapp.

In order to login please use your email address and the password of your Tractive account (the same password you are using to login on your smartphone)
The webapp will be loaded right after you hit “Sign In” and all features will be accessible.

In the sidebar on the left you can find the all the same elements, information and options as you have in the smartphone app. But anyway, here’s a quick explanation:

  • Your Profile picture and name
  • Activate a new Tractive GPS tracker
  • A list of all your activated trackers
  • Profile settings
  • Notification settings
  • Logout
  • Link to our Help-Center
  • Link for product information
  • Change the language of the webapp

How to Activate Your Tracker

If you’ve just received or bought a new Tractive GPS tracker you just need to click the button to activate the new device. The webapp will guide you through all the necessary steps.
In order to activate the tracker you’ll need the 8-digit Tracker ID which is located on the back of the device.

Your Trackers and the New Sharing Feature

The sidebar contains a list of all your trackers with their pictures and names, followed by a little pictogram which shows the current battery state.

Our newest feature: You can share your tracker with friends or family. And the best thing is, it only takes a few clicks. Once they’ve accepted your sharing invitation the tracker will be visible in their own account. With the new sharing feature in our webapp, you don’t need to give away your login credentials to another person.

Account Settings

Here you can find all settings for your account.
On the upper end of your screen you can find all information about your active service plans.
Additionally, you can edit your name, email address and your password. For the changes to take effect, please don’t forget to press the “Save” button.

For the lazy ones we’ve added the possibility to log into your smartphone app via QR code. Just open your app and select the QR code-option, scan the QR code on the settings page and you’re good to go.

Your Active Services

For detailed information about your service plans you can click on “My service plans” and all your services will be shown. Here you can also change your payment credentials or your payment interval.

Notification Settings

If you want to add an extra email address for the notifications, please add it here.
Furthermore, you can change the language of the notifications. The notifications are sent out when:

  • entering the Safe Zone
  • leaving the Safe Zone
  • the batteries get low

The Map

The map and its information labels are designed exactly like on your smartphone app. That means, you can find the following information on the upper left corner on your screen:

  • Name of your pet
  • Speed of your pet if it’s moving
  • Current sea level of the trackers location

On the upper right corner you can find all the commands you can send to your tracker (Live, Light). Furthermore, you can select the option to view the location history and to change the Safe Zone of your tracker.

Location History

If you click the button to view the location history, the data of the last 24 hours will be visible. If you need detailed information about a specific timeframe (even if it’s been a few weeks ago) you can select your desired timeframe at the bottom of the screen.

Please select the start and the end date first. After that, you can fine-tune the displayed data with the blue slider.


We hope you’ll like the new Tractive webapp as much as we do. If you have any questions or if you want to give us feedback please contact us via our Support Form.
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