What made my HR internship absolutely unforgettable

12 September 2018

Not all internships are unforgettable, Romana shared her experience and told us why she’ll always remember it.

The view from the flight during my HR internship

How quickly can five months fly? It feels like I, (Romana, HR intern, January 2017), just started my HR internship at Tractive. Now it is already over. Unbelievable how many experiences I’ve had and how much I have developed during this time.

As an HR intern pre-selecting applications, communicating with applicants, thinking of employer branding strategies and active sourcing projects were only some of my daily tasks. Looking back, I can really say all my duties were exciting and challenging.

As you can see, an intern’s work at Tractive is very diversified; not two days are the same. Furthermore, there was not a single day when I did not enjoy going to work because I got to work with great colleagues and on really interesting tasks. There are a lot of things that make working at Tractive unique. To name a few, there is an incredible team spirit that can be felt across all departments and across the company; then there are those amazing team breakfasts, once a month, which are part of all the team events organized throughout the year. There are two special moments that really made my experience unforgettable though…

Head in the sky

So, what were the highlights of my HR internship? There are two events that come to my mind and are worth sharing with you. The first took place on a random Friday in March. It was actually a pretty normal work day, well pretty normal until one of my colleagues – a passionate pilot – asked me if I wanted to join him as he was flying to my hometown. Of course, I could not reject this offer. Instead of taking a two and a half hour long train ride I flew back home in 20 minutes. An experience I will surely never forget.

The best thing about my HR internship was a flight with my colleagues a passionate pilot

Magical company-trip

The second best memory I’ll keep is our company trip to Mallorca – what else could top that indeed? We enjoyed four days in the sun on this beautiful island keeping with the slogan “work hard, party hard”. What a great reward for the hard work and persistence of the whole team after achieving our year-long company goals. Moreover, this trip gave us the opportunity to spend more time with colleagues we did not normally work together with, boosting the already high chemistry within the team.

During my HR internship we had our company trip to Mallorca

All in all, I could not imagine myself finding a better internship!

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