Office life at Tractive – one day in the Tractive office

No matter how often you have heard the question "How does a typical day at Tractive look like?", it never gets old.

No matter how often we hear the question “What does a typical day at Tractive look like?”, it never gets old. Actually, the exact opposite, as it shows that everyone faces the same strange feeling at one’s first day at a new company, when one does not know how everything works. That is why we want to give you some insights into our office life at Tractive in this blog article!

Open space to free your mind

The days of tiny, dark offices are over. Creative ideas need open space. Therefore, we built a recreation area on the 2nd floor of our office building. It offers different working areas for different types of employees. This recreation area includes:

  • open kitchen with a sitting desk
  • rooftop terrace which is perfect for an after-work drink
  • big, comfy couch
  • vintage meeting area
  • beanbag chairs
  • and two open meeting areas with a standing workstation

Also, one can perfectly relax in one of the two swaying hanging chairs which makes the 2nd floor the perfect place for creative thinking.

office life

Clear shapes and team focus

One thing you won’t find in our office is old-fashioned furniture. We instead prefer bright rooms and a modern working environment. That has to do with the (good) taste of our management on the one hand, but also with the fact that fun and open space reflect our transparent work ethic and honest communication. Both are core values at Tractive.

Moreover, our visitors see the team photos of our events right after entering the Tractive office. The photos make us smile every day and show us, how much we have developed and grown in the last years.

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Quiet working environment in a big office

An open-plan office space has many advantages, as e.g. the strong cohesion it builds when getting insights in different departments. On the other hand, mutual consideration is essential which everyone knows who has ever worked in an open-plan office. Therefore, we decided to set up the office rule, that conversations have to take place in one of the meeting rooms to not distract colleagues and provide a calm workplace for everybody.

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Do you want to know more about the office life at Tractive?

We’ve collected some short office videos over the last months to give you some more insight!

To the video!

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