Our core values and why every company should have some

They unite our team, set the direction and are a valuable guideline in daily business:...

They unite our team, set the direction and are a valuable guideline in daily business: our core values. Read here why they are so important for our team and the whole company!

Put the Customer First

At Tractive, customers are ranked first. It is extremely important to put oneself in the position of the user and see business through his/her eyes. If a customer has a problem with one of the devices, we are immediately available via live chat. One thing is for sure: only a happy customer is a customer who remains loyal.

Take Responsibility

Every employee at Tractive takes over responsibility for his/her actions. However, taking over responsibility does not end at one’s own tasks. We expect our team members to go through the world with open eyes. This can mean such a simple thing as removing a moldy fruit from the company fridge. Hands on mentality is the keyword. Only together we can foster a work environment, everybody treasures.

Be Honest & Transparent

No matter if you deal with customers, colleagues or the management, honesty is highest priority at Tractive. The sooner mistakes or problems are communicated, the easier it is to find a solution. This is why we live a company culture in which misunderstandings can be openly discussed without fearing the consequences. It is also clear that every team member is treated equally – no matter which position he or she occupies.

Do more with less

Do you know the pareto principle? It says, that 80 % of the effects come from 20 % of the causes. For the remaining 20 % of the outcome one has to invest 80 % of resources. Therefore, we favor the motto “less is sometimes more” at Tractive. It is totally fine, to focus on the low hanging fruits first. Being frugal with company resources, e.g. the own working time, the company budget or the time of colleagues is one of the reasons why Tractive has become so successful today.

Be positive

In order to create a positive working environment we need the support of each and everyone. Events like Yoga at work, Lego evenings and company bowling keep the fun at Tractive at a high level.

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