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As a fast-growing start-up pursuing the goal of offering the best GPS-tracker for dogs, it...

As a fast-growing start-up pursuing the goal of offering the best GPS-tracker for dogs, it never gets boring as a recruiter! Innovative ideas to further improve our products and features constantly create new positions. One of these new positions is a Project Manager. In this blog article we will tell you what project management means at Tractive and which challenges are involved.

A typical day in Project Management

First of all, as a Project Manager at Tractive, you are responsible for managing a wide range of tasks. Above all, it is important that you clearly understand the customer needs. Based on that understanding, you can find out and prioritise the requirements for future GPS trackers.

Additionally, you must have exceptional organizational skills, because being organized is essential when it comes to managing multiple projects. From the idea conception until the launch of the product, the Project Manager at Tractive is coordinating the development of new trackers, functions and features.

Also, it is important to be analytical and systematic when looking at existing features of the GPS trackers. This allows us to constantly improve the quality of our products and to make sure our customers and their pets are happy!

What challenges does a Project Manager face? 

The biggest challenge is the coordination between the different departments. Every department has their own goals and tasks unrelated to the current project you may be working in.

As a Project Manager, you will need to balance all the different goals, prioritize them and make decisions.

As a result, the combination of managing these different departments can certainly be one of the biggest tasks.

How can one grow in this position?

The more Tractive grows, the bigger and the more complex projects will be. More colleagues will be involved on one project, new technologies will be available and the number of customers is rising.

This requires permanent learning and personal development to contribute to the company vision:

Strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by creating technology to ensure a healthier, longer and safer life together.

The requirements to become successful in Project Management at Tractive

One of the most important requirements is that you already have gained some professional experience in project management.  Having experience in the field will help you overcome any future challenges that may happen when managing projects at Tractive.

As mentioned above, organization is a key to success as a Project Manager. Finally, some other personal attributes that are imperative include being a key decision-maker, critical thinker and someone who can communicate extremely well. A strong interest in technical and software products, in general, is also essential!

Do these characteristics apply to you and you are ready to change the world with us? Then apply now as Project Manager at Tractive!


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