What (not) to expect from a job interview at Tractive

Everybody knows the queasy feeling right before a job interview. As an applicant, you never...

Everybody knows the queasy feeling right before a job interview. As an applicant, you never know what is going to happen and of course you want to present yourself in its best light, because the statement “there is no second chance for a first impression” is almost a universal truth.We just want to start by saying that it is no one’s intention to throw you at a job interview at Tractive. We are all participants in the working life and have already experienced the same situations you have, so we know your feelings all too well. This article is meant to provide you with a quick glance at our job interview expectations and hopefully reduce some tension.

Hardcopies of application documents

In general, we have already asked for all documents needed during the application process. Therefore, printing the documents and bringing them to the office is not necessary. We will not ask for your original certificates and printed resume during the interview. If you have been invited for an interview, your documents would have already been reviewed by us beforehand.

Asking for strengths and weaknesses

These kinds of questions will generally not be asked in an interview with us. Why? Because we feel we do not get the necessary information from it. As these questions are quite common, every applicant has already prepared “nice to hear” answers and probably defined exactly which weaknesses to mention which are in actuality a strength. At Tractive, we want to get to know the person behind the resume, so we will ask what your documents do not tell us.

Being on a first-name basis

Being on a first-name basis is part of our open company culture, as is respecting everyone’s voice and opinion. We start by asking our applicants in the initial contact if this is alright for them. Being on a first-name basis might be a natural thing within an international context when speaking English, but in most Austrian companies you address your communication partner at a job interview by the formal “Sie”. However, we feel that being on a first-name basis makes conversations much more vivid and relaxed. Therefore, we are happy not to include this communication barrier between us and the applicant.

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