4 differences between working at a start-up and working at a big company

Start-up and bigger companies have huge differences in term of work environment and model, here is why.

Every company is different. Especially start-ups and big companies. If you compare the work environment in a start-up with the work environment in a bigger company, you will definitely find some differences. Hence, in order to help you with your career planning, we would like to show you the main differences when working there.

Fast growth

A start-up typically grows very fast. Faster than an established business. Therefore, this can be quite intense for the employees. Moreover, working in a start-up environment means that you constantly keep track of the goals and strengthen the organisation and structures. Tractive has grown fast during the last years. In fact, the structures within the company are developing constantly, which opens up new opportunities for the employees, e.g. own areas of responsibility, leadership experience and personal development.

Learning-by-doing mentality

Since start-ups develop constantly, new challenges occur every day. Start-ups often invent new technologies and develop new business models. Therefore, the key to a successful start-up is focusing on solutions rather than on problems. At Tractive we also know, that everybody makes mistakes sometimes. The important thing is to learn from these mistakes and improve.

Self-reflexion, constructive feedback and supporting each other helps us keep the learning-by-doing mentality strong.

High adaptability

Start-ups have a big advantage over larger companies when it comes to adaptability. Changing structures and strategies is much more difficult for a big company as they have more layers of management and much longer approval processes. However, a start-up can react quickly to changing market conditions due to less rigid structures. Tractive uses this advantage and reacts quickly to customer queries and needs.

Flat hierarchies

Since employees join the company gradually and structures are strengthened over time, start-ups usually have flat hierarchies. The same goes for Tractive. Moreover, open communication, improvement suggestions and new ideas are welcome anytime. Everyone can have an impact on the company and its products. Tractive benefits a lot from the inputs of its own employees. Consequently, this is what lead the company to its success.


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