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As part of our mobile development team our intern, Lukas, is working with the latest...

As part of our mobile development team our intern, Lukas, is working with the latest technologies such as React Native. Here he tells us how it came about and why he really enjoyed it.

Hello, my name is Lukas and I have been part of the Tractive team since the middle of February 2017 whereby I support the mobile development department. The following is a brief snippet about my experiences over the last few months.

Why did I  apply?

During my Mobile Computing studies at FH Hagenberg, Tractive often came up during class. But, my passion for animals played an an even more important role in my decision to apply for an internship in the mobile development department at Tractive.

The job interview alone was actually enough to convince me completely. The open and easygoing nature of the team eliminated any tension I had. That was when I knew that Tractive had the kind of professional environment I would like to work in. During my interview I also brought up that I’m always open to learning something new. Tractive really enabled me to stretch my creative muscles. They ensure that everybody works in a field in which they feel fulfilled.

On my first working day my team lead told me that I was going to work on my own project – React Native! React Native is a new technology which was developed, published and used by Facebook and is also used in other apps like Instagram. Many big companies also jumped on the “React-Native-bandwagon”, like Airbnb, Baidu, Uber, Tesla, Walmart. Thus, it’s even cooler that we also use this technology at Tractive!

What makes it so special?

React Native, as the name suggests, builds upon the React JavaScript web library and expands it for the mobile operating systems, Android and iOS. This means that it’s possible to develop for both platforms at the same time. The special thing is that native components are used in the background. Therefore, it looks like the developed application is just an iOS app although the majority of the code is shared with Android.

During the last months, my task was to develop the pre-existing payment flow of both the platforms iOS and Android in React Native and to integrate the existing applications. If any changes are made in the future, they just have to be developed on a code basis.

The thing I would say that I appreciated most about working Tractive was the working environment. Everyone has a happy disposition and is taken seriously. Everybody is motivated to implement their projects and goals. Bringing in own ideas for the company´s development also felt great.

Do you also want to work with the latest technologies in a fun and motivating environment?

Apply now and join our team!

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