Are you worried that training you dog will break the bond that you two have established? Do you accept the fact that you have to keep your dog penned up because of aggressive behavior toward visitors? Do you also accept the aggravating howling and moaning when you take your dog for a walk? Is all of this actually tolerable behavior for a dog? I don’€™t think so! I hate to break it to you, but even dogs have an expectation of being civilized. The people tolerating your dog’€™s misbehavior do not share your opinion that it’€™s cute when he climbs all over them, or uses their shoe as chew toy. Here’s a few reasons why everyone should train their dog.

Training should be a pleasurable experience for both of you

You may not like the idea of asserting authority over your dog to make him behave properly. That is perfectly fine. Some dog owners have the idea that they have to be the “tough €œboss” and punish bad behavior. Kudos to those dog owners who do not follow that idea. Unlike the ringmaster who quickly snaps his whip, you do not have to assert your authority through aggression. Those who think that have the wrong impression of what dog training really is. When we speak about dog training, we are not telling you to try to teach your dog to become human, to abide by human rules. Training is not an exercise to teach your dog that you are superior. What you are trying to achieve through training your dog, is to improve his approachability in social situations, and strengthen the bond that you two already share.

Is it difficult for you to bring your dog along when visiting friends? Then it’s time for a change!

Why everyone should train their dog

You may be wondering, “€œHow will this really impact my life with my pet€?” Believe me, it will impact your life! The bulk of our lives are spent in the office, drinking our lattes, in front of the computer screen. The limited amount of time we are able to spend with our loved ones, including our pets, is often merged with a social activity. On beautiful nights after work we go for a stroll in the nearby park, or down the road to watch the latest movie at our friend’s house. When our dogs behave badly, we are hesitant to take them along on these outings. We proceed to leave our pet at home more and more, until finally, it ceases to be a part of our lives. Much like us, animals experience feelings of sadness, loneliness, and depression when they feel deprived of attention from you and being left to sit alone in the dark most nights.

Improve your relationship with your dog

Although you may think that training will be unpleasant for your dog, you are creating a much worse scenario by avoiding it. With training, you will be able to bring your pet along when visiting friends. Your dog will learn to handle itself in it’€™s surroundings through obedience training. You will find that you will get much more enjoyment out of dog ownership. Plus, your dog will be much easier to handle. You will not need to leave your beloved pet at home. A trained dog can go along with you to more events, and can be trusted to behave among your friends and visitors. Simply teaching a few key commands such as sit, stay, come, heel, and down, can dramatically improve your pet’s behavior. You will find that as training progresses, so will your relationship with your favorite companion. The best of luck!

Written by Kevin Davies from