How does Tractive® MOTION work?

Tractive® MOTION tracks your pet's activity 24 hours a day. Simply attach Tractive® MOTION to your pet's collar and get the data directly on your smartphone. Therefore a Bluetooth Smart Ready mobile device is required. Here you can check the compatibility of your smartphone.

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    Tractive MOTION

    Tractive® MOTION is a very small and light activity tracking device.

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    Tractive® MOTION works with free Apps for iPhone & Android.

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    Promoting health

    Get detailed statistics about your pet's activity and set daily goals

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How Tractive MOTION works

Tractive® MOTION tracks the daily activity of a pet, categorizes pet movements in three categories ‘lazy’, ‘moderately active’ and ‘active’, and tells its owners whether or not their pet needs to be more active.

Do you want to raise the health and fitness of your dog? Then get Tractive® MOTION in the Tractive® online shop.

More information about the activity of your pet!

Tractive® MOTION provides detailed statistics of your pet's activity. The data is automatically and wirelessly synced to your smartphone.

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  • Pet Points
    Set a daily goal based on Pet Points.
    The current progress can be seen directly in the Tractive® MOTION app.

  • Daily activity
    Get detailed information about the time your pet is lazy, moderately active or high active.

  • Monthly activity
    Get insights of your pet's average monthly activity and compare it's monthly activities.

  • Temperature & light
    You will soon understand the correlations between your pet's activity and external influences like temperature or daylight.

Did you know?

50% of dogs and cats in Europe are overweight, but 76% of owners think their pet has normal weight!

Technical specifications

Tractive® MOTION not only gathers information about your pet's movements, it includes several great features.


Lightweight & small
The Tractive® MOTION device weighs only 7 g and has a size of 15 mm x 50 mm x 9 mm.


High-resolution display
Through the integrated high resolution display you can easily see the collected Pet Points for the day and check the progress towards the daily goal.


Wireless sync
Tractive® MOTION wirelessly syncs its collected data to your smartphone.


100 % waterproof
Your pet loves to swim?
No problem - Tractive® MOTION is 100 % waterproof.

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Tractive® MOTION collects data

Tractive® MOTION not only gathers information about your pet's movements, but also collects data based on several different sensors.


Motion Detection Sensor
The motion detection sensor tracks the activity level of your pet.


Temperature Sensor
The ambient temperature is measured to detect connections between your pets activity and external influences.


Tractive® MOTION also recognizes acceleration of the pet.


Brightness Sensor
Sunbeams and light not only influence humans. Find out how your pets activity varies depending on this factor.

An active pet is a healthy pet!

That's why Tractive® MOTION wants to support you to keep your pet active!

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  • Pet Points
    See the progress towards your daily goal and get informed when your pet is far away from reaching it. Of course, you also get notified when the goal is reached.

  • Collect Badges

  • World Rank
    Be among the best pets in the worldwide pet activity high score.

  • Share Achievements
    You are proud of your four legged friend for reaching his goal or earning a new badge? Share your happiness with your friends!


Tractive® MOTION comes with a black silicon clip that holds the device secure on the collar of the pet. A USB-Charger is also included.

Tractive® MOTION can be ordered right now in the Tractive Shop!

Still have questions? In our FAQ you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

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Our clients about Tractive® MOTION

We love your feedback! It allows us to develop our product further. Do not hesitate, to share your thoughts with us!

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  • Testimonial
  • Testimonial
  • Mariposa King

    via Email

    Excellent product, Fun and Motivating! I also love that there is a worldwide ranking!

  • Doctor M.

    via Twitter

    I have had this fun gadget for a few weeks now and really love it! It is fun to see the fitness information about our furry friend.

  • Bernhard Niesner

    via Email

    I heard about Tractive® MOTION on the gadget show on channel5 and knew I had to order it right away. Highly recommendable!

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