How does PET-REMOTE work?

Pet-Remote works in combination with a free App for iOS and Android and communicates with Bluetooth Smart. Pet-Remote is no shock-collar - it definitely won't hurt your beloved dog! We simply use vibration which your dog can feel and then react to it.

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    The small & light Pet-Remote device only weighs 10 g and has a size of 1,7 in x 0,9 in. Battery holds up to a year.

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    Download the app

    Pet-Remote works in combination with the free App for iOS & Android.

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    Here we go!

    Attach Pet-Remote to the collar of your dog and you are ready for training with your smartphone!

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See how Pet-Remote works

With the press of a button your dog knows exactly which command to execute

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Press a button and your dog knows exactly what to do!

Pet-Remote offers a new and easy way to communicate with your dog! You can choose whether to use vibration and/or acoustic signals. The consistency of the signals helps your dog to understand and fulfill your expectations. Your dog will thank you for your clarity. Have fun

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PetRemote Application
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Dog Training Made Easy!

Due to the vibrating collar your dog knows exactly what you want him to do. This makes it also easy for other people like your dogsitter to control your dog and you don't have to worry. You can tell your dog to do standard commands or advanced tricks. Pet-Remote is a gentle and dog-friendly way to communicate. You and your dog will love it!


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Our clients about Pet-Remote

We love your feedback! It allows us to develop our product further. Do not hesitate, to share your thoughts with us!

  • Paul Mayer Huber

    via Twitter

    This is great when we are out for a walk! He reacts immediately.

  • Sandrine Mureau

    via Email

    I never leave the house without it - it is great fun and now other people can also control my dog!

  • Bary Gilson

    via Facebook

    Fun Fun Fun! Best gadget I bought this year!

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