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Digital Vet Consultations with FirstVet

FirstVet offers Tractive Pet Cover pet insurance customers free video consultations with experienced vets, through the FirstVet app.

Unlimited access

24/7 video vet appointments included with your policy, unlimited throughout the year

Convenient care

Get advice from a vet, without needing to make a claim or effect your premium

A trusted partner

Trusted by over 500,000 pet owners globally with 93% 5-star reviews

Why use FirstVet?

Unsure if a clinic visit is needed? Consult a vet from home to determine your next steps easily

Quick access
With an average wait time of less than 30 minutes, you can quickly speak to a qualified vet when needed

No unnecessary trips to the clinic or physical examinations for your nervous pet

Free of charge
For Tractive Pet Cover customers, enjoy unlimited video vet appointments at no extra cost with an active pet insurance policy

Help and Advice that FirstVet provides

  • ✓ Vomiting and diarrhoea
  • ✓ Eye and ear problems
  • ✓ Poisoning
  • ✓ Coughing and sneezing
  • ✓ Itching and skin problems
  • ✓ Minor injuries and accidents

If your pet is seriously injured or in need of immediate medical assistance, you should take them straight to your local practice.

How to register

Download the FirstVet App and register your pet!

Download the FirstVet mobile app by following this link: Download FirstVet App

Then create an account using your email, mobile number and policy number; next enter your pet’s details.

Book an appointment

Describe your pet’s symptoms and book an appointment for a time that suits you best. You can even upload any photos before hand to help the vet assess your pet’s condition.

Video call with the vet

You will receive a text message 5 minutes before the appointment begins. After the session, you will even receive a written journal with clinical notes of the session.

Educational Articles

Not only video vet appointments, but FirstVet also writes and publishes in-depth articles on a huge range of illnesses and ailments that our furry friends can experience.

Improve your knowledge and help prevent any accidents and take a browse.

About FirstVet

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, FirstVet has become a global leader in pet care, and they have conducted nearly 1 million consultations to date.

The platform offers access to over 400 licensed veterinarians, ensuring trustworthy advice and top-notch care.

FirstVet provides peace of mind to pet parents who receive effective help from home, operating every day of the year, with on-demand services.

For cases needing further attention, the experienced vets ensure the right referral to the most suitable options, including a written summary of any digital consultations.

Tractive Pet Cover FAQs

Got questions? We have answers!

More FirstVet FAQs

Shortly after your policy starts we will send you an email with details about how to sign up. You will need a mobile phone to download the app. You will need to register using the same full name, email and telephone number of the policy holder.

Really easily! Just open the app, select the pet you wish to make an appoitment for and choose a time that works for you. FirstVet will also send you a text message just before the appoitment starts.

Although our Tractive Pet Cover Team is happy to help with any general enquiries into FirstVet, for more detailed information, or for assistance with any technical issues, the FirstVet Service Team is waiting to assist you. To find out how to contact them, please check out their website: FirstVet Support

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