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At Tractive, it’s our mission to strengthen the bond between pets and their owners by leveraging technology to ensure a healthier, longer, and safer life together.

In support of this vision, we created the Tractive Shelter Project to provide animal welfare organizations with more opportunities to keep foster and rescue pets safe and secure in their new homes for 24/7 peace of mind.

After signing up, registered animal welfare organizations can order Tractive GPS for free (usually $49.99 each) with the purchase of a one-year subscription.

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Why dog parents worldwide trust Tractive GPS

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For many, Tractive GPS is a lifesaver. It helped them find furry friends that got lost or in trouble. Others use it to enjoy worry-free adventures, knowing they can track their buddy’s every step in real-time, even if they wander off. Some just like the 24/7 reassurance. And some see it as their four-legged friend’s fitness buddy, helping them track activity, set goals, and keep their cats and dogs in shape. In any case, it offers 100% peace of mind – from the comfort of your screen.

  • LIVE Tracking
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Unlimited Range
  • Virtual Fences
  • Location History
  • 100% Waterproof
IPhone screenshot of Tractive App


How does Tractive Shelter Project work?

Easy. You sign up, and once we verify your organization, can make use of our offering – whether that means trackers for an event, free device vouchers for adopting pet parents, or a special discount for you. Sign up today!

We’re organizing a fundraiser – can Tractive support our cause?

Absolutely! We can help you raise funds by donating Tractive GPS trackers and subscriptions for giveaways, auctions and other events. Once you’re signed up to Tractive GPS, you’ll be able to talk to one of our team members in more detail about what you’re planning.

Do the free vouchers also cover subscriptions?

While we can offer you free Tractive GPS tracker vouchers to pass on to new pet parents, they will need to create their own Tractive account so that they can pick the subscription that best suits them – 1, 2 or 5 year. Our plans cover all costs needed to let pet parents track their furry friends no matter how far they go.

Who is eligible for Tractive Shelter Project?

Any registered organization – whether pet shelter, pet charity or non-profit organization – that helps furry friends live safer, happier lives. You might have vulnerable animals in your care, or be training young pups to not run away. Regardless, we’re here to help you get peace of mind with real-time GPS tracking, and pass it on to pet parents who need it too.

Does the subscription start the moment we pay?

The subscriptions start the moment you pay (an extra week is automatically added to subscriptions to account for shipping time). So if you have trackers for 2 months before you send them out to fosters, the fosters would have 10 months left on their subscription.

Is there a limit of how many devices we can order? Or how many at a time? Or how many total orders we can make?

For a single order, you can order up to 50 at a time. However, there is no limit to how many total orders you can make.

Can we choose which color of devices we order?

Shelters can choose either the White, Dark Blue or Brown Dog Collars (XL and Adventure editions are currently not available). You can also choose the Cat Mini tracker, but this currently only comes in Dark Blue.

The foster/adopter accidentally purchased a new subscription plan instead of transferring over the existing one, what should we do?

In this case, please reach out to to have the customer refunded and the original subscription reactivated. To avoid this in the future when transferring a subscription, please follow the steps in the Shelter Subscription Transfer Instructions PDF.

Are you able to drop-ship to adopters / fosters? Or do they all get shipped to me, and then I forward them on?

Though the Shelter Project is designed for bulk orders shipped directly to you, you can technically place individual orders for adopters/fosters at Please note though that these trackers will still be registered to your email, and would eventually have to be transferred over.

Who should I contact for shelter-related inquiries?

Please contact for all shelter-related inquiries.

Once we transfer the subscription to a foster or adopter, will we still be able to track the pet?

Unless the foster/adopter shares tracking via Tractive’s Family Sharing feature, the answer is no. When the subscription is transferred to the foster, it then becomes tied to their Tractive account. This means that after transfer, when the subscription renewal date hits, the foster will be responsible for payment rather than the shelter. If your organization would still like to track the pet, you could instead opt to not transfer the subscription, and have them track their new pet by sharing an invite to them via Tractive’s Family Sharing feature. Please note, before the foster can accept an invite for this, they’ll need to make a free Tractive account on

Who is responsible for payment after the transferring of a subscription? Us or the foster/adopter?

As you purchased the original subscription on, this subscription will be active until its renewal date, in which the foster/adopter will be responsible for payment.
If the subscription was self-transferred (initiated from your end), the adopter will be prompted to enter a payment method immediately which will be charged upon renewal.
If the subscription was performed manually by us, the adopter would be prompted to enter a payment method upon the renewal date to continue their subscription.

How can the subscription be transferred back to us if the foster returns the pet?

Please contact for the subscription to be transferred back within one business day.

Is there a limit to the number of times we can transfer a subscription?

A subscription can only be transferred once when self-transferred (initiated from your end), but we can manually transfer subscriptions multiple times as needed. We ask that you please try to avoid the excess transferring of subscriptions.

Can we pause an existing subscription?

Yes, in your Tractive account, you can pause your subscription on two separate occasions per year, for a maximum of eight months per year.

Shelter Project Partners

Tractive is so valuable and important to keeping our dogs safe, we’ve now made it part of the whole adoption process.

DIBS Rescue Volunteer

Having Tractive for Sheba’s safety gives me peace of mind, plus I can see exactly what area was covered during our search and rescue. It is a necessary tool for what we do and they are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

William Bolton
Advanced Tactical Training and Communications (Search and Rescue)