Tractive Car Charger Modul

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  • Standard USB socket that connects to the car battery
  • Charge your Tractive GPS Tracker directly in your car
  • Size: 36 x 24 x 12 mm
  • Input: 12 V
  • Output: 5V USB / 3A
  • Compatible with the following models: TRATR1, TRAHU1, TRAPI1, TRATR3G, TRGPS2, TRAXL1

With the Car Charger Module, you can connect your Tractive GPS device directly to your car battery for easy charging in the car.

What our Clients say about Tractive GPS

I don't know how I ever lived without this tracker. It's perfect. Love it!!

Working perfectly... highly recommended solution for hassle free pet tracking!

I use Tractive GPS on three dogs. For the safety of your pets, there is no better product or service.


It's hiking time! Enjoy some autumnal panorama!

Tractive - Track your pet's location

tractive - October 6

These flowers are for you

Tractive - Track your pet's location

tractive - June 23

Exercise?! I thought you said extra fries!!

Tractive - Track your pet's location

tractive - July 31

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Besides GPS tracking devices for dogs and cats, Tractive also develops apps for you and your pet. These apps should make daily life with your loved ones easier and even more fun, like the pet gallery Tractive Photos.

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