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Which GPS device fits the needs of your pet best? We care about your beloved pet want to help you with your decision. We compared our Tractive GPS devices with other products on the market to help you make the right decision for the right GPS Tracking product.

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POD Kippy Petpointer Trax


Tractive GPS 2
Tractive GPS 2
Tractive GPS
Tractive GPS
LIVE Tracking (Interval 2-3 seconds)
Virtual Fence
Integrated Light


Tractive GPS 2Tractive GPSPetpointer
Service3.75€ / miesiąc3.75€ / miesiąc3.95€ / miesiąc
Costs per year49.90€49.90€147.30€
Costs per two years89.90€89.90€194.70€
Discount in case of loss
Monthly plan possible
Return Guarantee (14 days) (14 days)
Warranty24 months24 months24 months


Tractive GPS 2Tractive GPSPetpointer
Dimensions34 x 48 x 17mm41 x 51 x 15mm59 x 24 x 15mm
Battery Lifetime2-5 days2-5 days3-5 days
Waterproof (IPX7) (IPX7) (IP67)
Suitable for all animals
Available globally (Europe)
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