Tractive GmbH
Randlstrasse 18a, 1st floor
4061 Pasching near Linz / Austria

CEO: Michael Hurnaus
Company Registration Number: FN 386930 s
Company Registration Court: Landesgericht Linz
Public Authority ECG: BH Linz Land
VST: ATU67494749


The consumer always has the right of withdrawal. The period begins, at the earliest, on the date of receipt of the cancellation instruction. 

To effectively see through your cancellation, you must notify us within 14 working days of your order. If you reside in a country where longer cancellation periods are required, then the required cancellation period will apply. The cancellation must include a rationale. Simply returning goods is not enough and unpaid shipping costs will not be covered by Tractive. To meet the deadline of the time-sensitive period of cancellation and/or return of merchandise:

Tractive GmbH
Randlstrasse 18a, 1.Stock
A-4061 Pasching

withdrawal form

Packaged, finished goods must be complete, i.e. including all accessories, manuals, and original packaging, or at a minimum returned in an appropriate shipping container. The return is made at the consumer’s expense. Non-transportable goods will be collected from your possession. The right of withdrawal (cancellation) is excluded from the delivery of goods which have been produced to your own specifications and to “unsealed,” sealed goods, such as CDs, computer software and/or gift cards of any sorts. 

When the consumer successfully executes a timely withdrawal, the contract between consumer and Tractive shall be cancelled. Previously received and rendered services shall be returned and paid back (financial reimbursement) when necessary.

You may examine the goods, in so far as it would have been possible in a shop. We must make it absolutely clear that you have to pay compensation if you cannot return the goods or services in their entirety. Additionally, you may not return your purchases if the goods have deteriorated from being used in a manner other than their intended use. If you want to avoid the payment of compensation, you should use the goods as they were intended to be used. Deterioration, which may require payment, includes: damaged goods or accessories, portions of the goods are missing, or disproportionate use/abuse to specific portions of the goods.

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