GPS Tracker for pets:

Always know where your pet is!

Your four-legged friends likes to explore the area on his own, visits the neighborhood now and then and runs away during a walk? Are you often desperately searching for your pet? The Tractive® GPS tracker helps you to find your pet again. 

With the Tractive® GPS tracker you are able to locate your pet using GPS technology on the smartphone in real time. You can see the current position of your pet in the free Tractive® GPS app, which is available for iOS and Android. In addition, it is possible to locate the pet with the Tractive® GPS Web App on

LIVE Tracking

One of the unique features of Tractive® GPS is the ability to track your pet in real time. "We believe that it is not only important to know where an animal was, 15 min before. Owners should always be able to determine where their pet is at the current time. That is why we have developed LIVE tracking. " said Michael Tschernuth, technical manager at Tractive®.

Virtual Fence

Your pet feels free to move around in a specific area? You can define a safe zone, which is a kind of a virtual fence. In case your pet leaves the safe zone, for example your garden, you’ll receive a notification on your smartphone. You’ll also be able to activate a 24-hour history to see the last positions of your pet.

Integrated light

It is possible to turn on or off the LED on your device using the Tractive® app. This will help finding the pet in the dark and increases the pet's safety when they find themselves near roads.

Tractive® works in more than 80 countries worldwide. A holiday with your pet, nothing stands in your way!

About Tractive®

Tractive® ( develops wearables for pets and apps for pet owners and pet lovers. Besides Tractive's core product, the Tractive® GPS pet tracking device, the company develops the Tractive® MOTION pet activity tracker, the training device Pet-Remote and the pet image platform and app Tractive® Photos. Other products of the Tractive® portfolio are the apps Dog Walk, Pet BlaBla, Pet Battle and Petnames. Tractive® was founded in 2012 in Pasching, Austria.