Big, Bigger, Tractive GPS XL

22 August 2018

It is common practice to make electronic gadgets smaller and smaller. Hardware from tech firms...

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It is common practice to make electronic gadgets smaller and smaller. Hardware from tech firms all over the world is made smaller and lighter. But keeping things small comes with a cost. Smaller devices may not keep the power as long for example.
We at Tractive thought a lot about how we can get more battery power into our GPS devices. But instead of making our tracker even smaller we’ve built a new larger one – The Tractive GPS XL.

Since the battery is taking a lot of space we could not adapt the existing product lines to fit a larger battery. That’s how the new device was born with a larger cover.

No restrictions, pure power

Built with the same core features as all our Tractive GPS devices, the Tractive GPS XL is more powerful than any other. It has the same tracking capabilities as the Tractive GPS and the Tractive GPS 2. What makes the Tractive GPS  XL stand out from the crowd is long-life battery lasting up to 6 weeks on one single charge. With a power that lasts that long you can use the Tracker without charging it every few days.

With Tractive GPS XL it is also possible to reach a new group of users. The size of the GPS makes it very easy and useful for livestock or horses.

Details of the Tractive GPS XL

Here are some specifications and technical details:

  • Size: 80 mm x 49 mm x 29 mm
  • Weight: 142 g

The new XL version is recommended for animals above 20 kg (40 pounds).


The Tractive GPS XL is available in the Tractive online shop. There you can, of course, also find all the other Tractive products.

Is it the right tracker for you?

Are you considering whether or not Tractive GPS XL is the right choice for you and your pet? Do you need further information or assistance?
Our Support Team will be happy to help you make the right decision. Just click on the button below to leave a message:

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