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Discover what they get up to all day. Learn their favorite spots. Keep your buddy safe.

Dog in nature

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Get peace of mind—following your dog or cat's every step.

"Now I can stalk my curious kitty on a daily basis, know her habits and whereabouts, and go get her when she's wandering too far. Well worth the price for the peace of mind I get in return!"


Cat in nature

For Safety & Fun

Discover the secret life of your pet

Where do dogs go when they run away?

Dogs who run away are often chasing a scent or following another curiosity. Usually, they'll try to find their way back home again. But sometimes they get lost, stuck, or stolen.

The only way to know for sure where dogs go when they run away is with a GPS dog tracker.

Use Tractive to find out exactly where they are, at any time. Get to know their favorite spots, habits and curiosities, all while keeping them safe.

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Dog on rock

How far do cats go?

Studies show that cats tend to stay surprisingly close to home; male cats usually stay within about 1500 feet. Female cats tend to have an even smaller territory.

With Tractive, you can see exactly how far your cat roams with the Cat Territory feature. Discover if they go to the park, hangout in the yard, chase birds or visit the neighbors.

Plus, you can use Find Mode to uncover their hiding spots. And you'll get alerted if they roam too far.

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Cat with tracker

What our users say about Tractive

A Husky with Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Nathalie M.

Naya and I travel a lot together. Being a Husky, she has a very high prey drive... I once lost her in a forest, one of the scariest moments in my life! That was the moment I decided to get a tracker. I've never lost her anymore! On top of that, I can track her activity which is a really cool thing to do. Tractive app is addictive!

A Basenji Dog with Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Annita M.

We love Tractive! Especially when going to the beach or to the woods. Our girl loves to explore, and LIVE Mode is very valuable, as we get to follow her running. Also fun to see her top speed. So far her max speed is 32km/h - fast as a car!

A Cat with the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker


Had the Tractive CAT Mini since February, and it's been excellent. Size is smaller, charging is a lot easier, but most importantly, it looks very comfortable for my cat 🐱

A Cat with the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker


Got Floortje the CAT Mini. It's the same amazing tracking, just smaller in size! Now we can always go on safe cat adventures. 🌎🌳💚

A Dog with the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Lena F.

When we rescued Marla 2 years ago, she was a very shy, scared dog. But after settling in, she started to love walking, adventuring and exploring. We love having Tractive for peace of mind. We know that if she gets lost or wanders too far, we can find her.

A Cat with the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker


The CAT Mini is very lightweight and does not bother Minus at all. He doesn't even know it’s there! I don’t need to worry if Minus runs away, because I know where he is at all times... plus I get to look back at our walks and see how active he's been!

A Cat with the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker


Thrilled that we can follow Nasib live with our CAT Mini, and even see how long he stays in certain spots. We were also shocked to find out how far he walks in a day! We've only been using the tracker a few days, but I'm sure we'll soon have plenty of great adventures with it.

@wanderlustsamoyed with Tractive GPS XL


The Tractive XL makes us feel save on all of our adventures around the world.

@maltipootoy.mia with Tractive GPS for Dogs


One year we are using Tractive GPS Tracker. It’s very easy to use! Mia doesn’t walk without a leash within the city, but we often go hiking, and it’s a very useful thing! Mia weighs 4.5 kg and the small size of the tracker fits her. You can control not only the location of your per but also monitor their sleeping. Battery charge lasts a long time. We recommend!

@austrianmusher with Tractive GPS for Dogs


It’s very nice to be part of the Tractive family. We spend a lot of time with the dogs in nature. Thanks to Tractive, our live-legged family members can also enjoy their freedom to the fullest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A pet location tracker, also known as a GPS pet tracker, helps you keep your furry friend safe by tracking them. The tracker fits on your dog or cat's collar and sends its location to an app. From there, you can check on your pet's location. Tractive lets you track your pet in real-time, anytime, and over any distance.

Tractive helps you track and find your pet anytime. And the Location History feature shows you where your pet has been in the past.

You can learn a lot about your furry friend when you discover their favorite spots to explore or hangout.

Get the Tractive GPS Tracker and download the app to get started.

Besides seeing everywhere your pet's been, with Location History you can: 1) Find out where your pet spent the most time with Heatmap. 2) Download your pet's Location History in a .gpx or .kml file. 3) Share your pet's Location History with friends & family.

You can see the Location History of your pet for the past 24 hours with a BASIC Tractive subscription. Choose PREMIUM and get 365 days of Location History.

The Tractive Heatmap is part of the Location History feature. It shows you places where your pet spent the most time, illustrated by colors on the map. It's great for curious pet parents who want to see where their dog or cat prefers to spend their time.

Yes, Tractive Location History shows you the distance your pet traveled in a given time frame. Distance is in kilometers or miles and based off of the location updates of your tracker. Use LIVE Tracking to get the most accurate information possible.