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On the move. In great shape.

Keeping your pet fit can be easy. Rewarding too. Track all your dog's activity - whether they're adorably asleep or running around - and get peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.

Your four-legged fitness companion

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Set Activity Goals

Get your dog fit by the minute

Find a pace that suits your dog. See how much nap-time they're getting. Know how much time your pets spend on their paws with daily and monthly updates - and compare their activity with furry friends just like them.

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Celebrate Achievements

Break records, hit milestones, share successes

Smashed your goal for 7 days in a row? Awesome! Reached a new high after an epic day in nature? Sweet! Earn badges to immortalize all your active achievements. Then share it with others on social media to motivate fellow dog parents.

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Get Active Together

Join the community, climb the ranks

Watch your dog become a superstar in the global rankings. Meet pups in your area on the local leaderboards. Compare them to others of their breed. Or fire up some friendly competition by creating a private group with your pals. And remember - we're all winners here.

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Find Peace of Mind

Keep an eye on calories, location and more

Find the right balance for your dog's diet. Make sure your buddy gets enough rest. See where your pet is in real-time and spot patterns with location history. Know that your pet is always safe and sound with security features like virtual fences and LIVE Tracking.

Location Tracking &
Activity Monitoring for dogs.

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