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  1. Tractive GPS 3G

    Tractive GPS 3G

    Low stock level
    • Track the exact location of your pet
    • LIVE Tracking: Real-time GPS Tracking
    • Virtual Fence with smartphone alerts
    • 100% waterproof, Weight: 35g (1.2 oz)
    • Fits most collars

    The Tractive GPS 3G pet tracker enables you to locate your pet anytime, anywhere. See the exact location of your dog or cat directly on your smartphone or in any browser. The Tractive GPS 3G uses 3G cellular technology which allows you to track your pet in regions where only 3G is available.

    Packaging Content

    • GPS Tracker
    • Charger
    • Collar Clips
    • User Manual
    $ 74.99

Tractive GPS Tracker

What our Customers say about Tractive GPS

This little gadget is a godsend for me with a border terrier who loves running with me but loves rabbits and pheasants more!!

If you have a dog who loves to run and you don’t want to always keep it on the lead these trackers are amazing letting you know where your dog is

Getting a tractive gps has made our dog walk more enjoyable, worry free for both owner and dog

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