GPS Tracker for Hunting Dogs

Tractive DOG Hunter Set

  • Set includes: 1x Tractive GPS DOG , 1x camouflage sleeve, 1x additional spare battery
  • LIVE Tracking: real-time GPS tracking with unlimited range
  • Virtual Fence with smartphone alerts
  • Weight: less than 30g (1.1 oz)
  • Robust and waterproof: ideal for hunting dogs
  • Choose a plan starting from $5.39 per month after checkout

The Tractive DOG Hunter Set comes with the Tractive GPS DOG tracker, an extra spare battery and a protective sleeve in camouflage design. The tracker enables you to locate your dog anytime, anywhere with unlimited range. See the exact locations of your hunting buddy directly on your smartphone or in any browser.

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Tractive DOG Hunter Set
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Currently out of stock

LIVE Tracking screen and hunting dog wearing tracker with sleeve

Never lose your adventure dog

Virtual Fence (Geofence)
Get smartphone notifications immediately when your dog leaves the hunting area. You can create customized virtual fences around the hunting ground so you know when your dog leaves this area.
LIVE Tracking
Get the exact location of your hunting dog when it matters the most. In LIVE Tracking mode, you get the updated location every 2-3 seconds.

The best product for your hunting buddy

Activity Monitoring
Check in on your dog's activity levels. Make sure they stay fit, healthy and strong. Ready to start? Check out Activity Monitoring by Tractive
Location History & Heatmap
Tractive products also show where your adventure dog has been roaming around. You can see the locations where your hunting dog has been right on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between the Tractive GPS DOG and the Hunter Set?
The Tractive GPS DOG is part of the Hunter Set. Additionally, you will get a spare battery to make sure that you can keep constant track of your hunting dog while away from charging outlets. It also comes with a special sleeve in camouflage design that protects your tracker outdoors.
Can I review the hunt once I am back at home?
Yes, the Tractive GPS app comes with a Location History feature. With this, you can see where your hunting dog has been throughout the day right on your smartphone.
Can I share my dog’s location with other hunters?
Yes, take advantage of the Tractive GPS PREMIUM Sharing feature to share your device and dog's location with other hunters involved in the chase.
Can I restrict the area where my dog is allowed to hunt?
Yes, you can set up multiple virtual fences and you will get an alert as soon as your hound leaves the area.

Tractive Key Features

Technical Specifications

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, Tractive GPS trackers can be located accurately and reliably from almost anywhere in the world: whether your dog is in the backyard or on the other side of the globe.

Small & Lightweight
The Tractive GPS device weighs less than 30g (1.1 oz) and is recommended for pets above 4 kg (9 pounds).
100% Waterproof
Tractive GPS devices are IPX7 waterproof and shock resistant.
Interchangeable Battery
2-5 day battery life, depending on cellular coverage and usage. The set comes with an extra spare battery that can be used if the other battery is empty or charging.
Camouflage Sleeve
The Tractive DOG Hunter Set includes a sleeve in camouflage design that provides added protection to the GPS tracker.
GPS tracker dimensions

Take Tractive GPS Everywhere

Get the free app for iOS, Android and Web
Apple iOS 11+, Android 7.0+, Computer or Mobile Browser.
Alexa users can enable the Tractive GPS skill via the Alexa app.
Subscription plan starting at $5.39 / Month
Tractive GPS trackers require a subscription plan. Choose between different options starting at $5.39 / month.
Smartphone view of LIVE Tracking and Virtual Fence features

What's in the Box

We send you everything you need to keep track of your hunting dog.

Finding your dog or cat
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