Tractive Visibility Vest with GPS Pocket

$ 17.99
In stock
  • Reflective Strips and Graphics
  • Included Pocket for Tractive GPS
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
  • Color: Neon yellow
  • Material: Polyester
  • Washable at 40°C

The high-quality and stylish Tractive Visibility Vest with its neon color and reflective strips keeps your pet safe in the twilight or in the dark.

Signal vest with a pocket for the Tractive GPS tracker
Pocket for the Tractive GPS device
The Tractive Visibility Vest has an included pocket for the Tractive GPS device. So you can easily and safely attach the device on the back of your beloved companion.
Reflective strip for better visibility
High visibility
Reflective strips and the neon color keep your pet safe in the twilight or in the dark.
Signal vest has adjustable size to fit every dog
Continuously adjustable size
Thanks to the 2 click-closures the vest can be adjusted perfectly to the body of your pet and offers a high comfort when wearing it.
The signal vest is also washable.
Washable material
Material: Polyester - washable at 40°C

Find the right size

The Tractive Visibility Vest is available in 3 sizes and can be adjusted to the following dimensions.

Chest: 33 - 43 cm / 13 - 17", Waist: 45 - 61 cm / 18 - 24", Length: 27 cm / 10.5"
Chest: 45 - 61 cm / 18 - 24", Waist: 61 - 71 cm / 24 - 28", Length: 36 cm / 14"
Chest: 61 - 76 cm / 24 - 30", Waist: 61 - 81 cm / 24 - 32", Length: 46 cm / 18"

What our customers say about Tractive GPS

I cant do without it now and I would ,without hesitation , recommend it as a very affordable, reliable, and over all super product.

If you have a dog who loves to run and you don’t want to always keep it on the lead these trackers are amazing letting you know where your dog is

I love that I don't have to panic and worry, knowing that I will be able to find her with the Tractive tracker on her collar.

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Besides GPS tracking devices for dogs and cats, Tractive also develops apps for you and your pet. These apps should make daily life with your loved ones easier and even more fun, like the pet gallery Tractive Photos.

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