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Tractive Base Station

Increase battery life of your Tractive GPS Tracker

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Save power while your tracker is nearby

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Set up a Power Saving Zone wherever you want

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Ideal for homes with patchy Wi-Fi coverage

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Easy to install and works with every tracker

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Extend your tracker's battery life and maximize safety


Extended Battery Life

When within this Power Saving Zone, your Tractive tracker automatically switches to power saving mode, significantly extending battery life.


No More Wi-Fi Issues

The Base Station provides a stable and consistent Power Saving Zone. This means your tracker stays in power saving mode without interruption.


Covers Areas With No Wi-Fi

Ideal for homes and properties with patchy or no Wi-Fi coverage. The Base Station ensures that even in areas of your home where Wi-Fi is weak or non-existent, your tracker works as intendend.

Extended battery life with a Tractive Base Station

The Tractive Base Station is a compact, innovative solution to help you get the most out of your Tractive cat or dog tracker.

When within range of your Base Station, the tracker automatically switches to power saving mode, significantly extending battery life.

Tractive base station

How it works


Attach antenna

Connect the antenna to the Base Station.


Choose a spot to set up

Connect USB-C cable to a power source at home. Traveling? Set it up where you're staying.


Set up Power Saving Zone

Go to the Tractive GPS app to set up a Power Saving Zone. Once done, press the button on the Base Station to adjust the range.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Once your tracker is within range of your Base Station, your pet is considered to be in a safe area (Power Saving Zone). That is why certain features like frequent location updates are disabled, saving your tracker's battery life.

Once you connect your Base Station to a power source, go to the Tractive GPS app and set up a Power Saving Zone (Profile > Tracker > Power Saving Zones). You can set the desired range of your Power Saving Zone by pressing the button on the Base Station.

Yes, you can connect the Tractive Base Station to any power source. However, we recommend keeping the Base Station at a fixed place, like your home. Also, please keep in mind that the Base Station is not waterproof.

Walls can reduce the range of a Power Saving Zone. Also, you can choose between 3 different settings to adjust the range of the Power Saving Zone according to your needs.

The Tractive Base Station only serves to create a Power Saving Zone for your Tractive GPS tracker and is not compatible with other devices. It doesn't connect to the internet or extend your home's Wi-Fi signal.


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