GPS Tracker for Bigger Dogs

Tractive GPS Classic XL

  • Track and know the location of your large pet in real-time
  • LIVE Tracking: Real-time GPS Tracking
  • Virtual Fence with smartphone alerts
  • Weight: 142g (5 oz), 100% waterproof
  • Bigger size, bigger capacity! Battery lasts up to 6 weeks!
  • Fits most collars including larger ones
  • Choose a plan starting from $5.39 per month after checkout

The Tractive GPS XL pet tracker enables you to find and follow your large pet anytime, anywhere. See the exact location of your big dog directly on your smartphone or in any browser.

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LIVE Tracking with Tractive GPS XL

Always find your big dog

Virtual Fence (Geofence)
Always know when your beloved giant leaves an area. You can create virtual areas and you will receive an instant notification when your pet leaves this area (e.g. backyard or neighborhood).
LIVE Tracking
Always know the exact location of your large dog whenever, wherever. In LIVE Tracking mode, the location updates every 2-3 seconds.

The best product for your dog outdoors

Robust and Waterproof
This is the perfect gadget for your pet who loves to be outdoors. Tractive GPS devices are simple, durable, 100% waterproof and almost unbreakable.
Location History
Have your pet's recent locations right on your fingertips. Tractive products not only show where your pet is right now, but also where they have recently been.
Great dane wearing Tractive GPS XL

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the range of operation?
The Tractive GPS tracker works over any range and has no distance limitation. In fact, you could track your pet from opposite sides of the world (and in over 150 countries worldwide with a PREMIUM Subscription Plan).
Do I need cellular network coverage for the Tractive GPS tracker to work?
Yes, the Tractive GPS works wherever your cell phone works. In order to use the Tractive GPS, you'll need to have local network coverage by one of the service providers.
Can I share my dog's location with friends and family?
Yes, take advantage of the Tractive GPS PREMIUM Sharing feature to share your device and pet's location with friends and family.
How often do I have to charge the Tractive GPS XL?
The Tractive GPS XL lasts on a full charge up to 6 weeks.

Tractive Key Features

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The Pack, a new reality competition series from Prime Video, celebrates the unrivaled bond between dogs and their human companions. Hosted by gold medalist Lindsey Vonn and her dog Lucy, the series features twelve teams of dogs and their human parents on an epic adventure across multiple continents. Tractive joined the teams as they traveled around the world to ensure every four-legged contestant was safe, happy, and trackable!
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Technical Specifications

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, Tractive GPS trackers can be located accurately and reliably from almost anywhere in the world: whether your pet is in the backyard or on the other side of the globe.

Long Battery Lifetime
Up to 6 weeks, depending on cellular coverage and usage.
100% Waterproof
Tractive GPS devices are IPX7 waterproof and shock resistant.
For pets above 20kg (40 pounds)
Weight: 142 g (5 oz), Size: 80mm x 49mm x 29mm (3.1in x 1.9in x 1.1in)
GPS XL dimensions

Take Tractive GPS Everywhere

Get the free app for iOS, Android and Web
Apple iOS 11+, Android 7.0+, Computer or Mobile Browser.
Alexa users can enable the Tractive GPS skill via the Alexa app.
Subscription plan starting at $5.39 / Month
Tractive GPS trackers require a subscription plan. Choose between different options starting at $5.39 / month.
Smartphone view of LIVE Tracking and Virtual Fence features

What's in the Box

Everything you need to be able to track your large pet are all included in the package.

Finding your dog or cat
has never been easier

What our customers say about Tractive GPS

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